Original instrument and valve factory with fast delivery
One step process instrument solution for your project
Make fluid measurement and control system more smarter and faster
Reliable process instrument and valve manufacturer with 25 years
Original instrument and valve factory with fast delivery
One step process instrument solution for your project
Make fluid measurement and control system more smarter and faster
Reliable process instrument and valve manufacturer with 25 years
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The Leader in Process Instrument and Valves in China

With 25 years of experience in the industry, BCST Group Co.,Ltd stands out as one of the top 3 manufacturers of process instruments and valves in China. Boasting over 10 workshops and a dedicated team of 260 staff members, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. What sets us apart is our 15 years of export experience, allowing us to provide seamless solutions for all your process instrument and valve needs. BCST holds prestigious approvals including ATEX, SIL3, CE, NACE, and API, solidifying our reputation as the ultimate working partner for process instruments and valves in China.

flowmeter workshop-BCST

BCST Solution

BCST supply complete solution for flow , pressure, level , temperature,analytical measurement , and flow control.
Flow measurement product to measure liquid , gases , Steam in the industry plant
Level measurement product to solve the level measurement and control demand
Temperature measurement products give broadest solution for your application
Pressure measurement products to meet every industry application requirement
Automated control valve give precisely control for the flow,pressure ,temperature of various fluids
Analytical instrument & sensors provide continuous on-line measurement of your Liquid and gas


BCST has got ISO 9001 , ISO14001 , ISO18001  , ATEX, CE , SIL, NACE , API approval
flow instrument calibration bcst

One step solution factory on process instrument

BCST Group Co.,Ltd offers a comprehensive product line, providing a one-stop solution for various industries in need of process instruments and valves. Our experienced technical team specializes in instrumentation and valves, offering professional support services from model selection to after-sales care. With our products meeting high standards at reasonable costs, BCST ensures that whether your project is large or small, you can find a suitable and affordable solution with us. Moreover, our efficient production process, supported by ample stock and automated production lines, guarantees fast turnaround times. Trust BCST to provide you with seamless support for all your project needs.

Why 1000+ Clients Trust BCST Group

Our clients cover engineering company and end users ,they are from various industries . They select BCST based on the followings reason .
Strong technical Support
Fast and specialized technical guidance on model selection
Reasonable cost
Batch production reduces our raw material cost
Fast production time
Automatic production line and calibration system ensure fast delivery
25 years experience
Sufficient experiences on various industries make efficient communication
Complete certification
Complete certification covers raw material to calibration
Strict quality control
Each products should pass QC strict inspection before they left factory
Traceable calibration & test record
All of our products have traceble calibration &test record in our automatic calibration system
Reliable after sales service
There are special technical team for fast after sales service

How BCST Ensure Quality of each instrument and valve

Technical confirmation before sales

Patient and professional technical communication for model selection

Automatic production line and calibration equipment

24 hours calibration test and automatic production line system

Tracking calibration record

Each meter has unique ID code for tracking calibration record

Specialized quality control team

There are professional quality control engineer for each workshop


Complete process instrument solution

  • Flow process instrument solution
  • Pressure process instrument solution
    Pressure process instrument solution
  • Level process instrument solution
    Level process instrument solution
  • Temperature process instrument solution
    Temperature process instrument solution

Wide industrial application

  • Chemical Industry application
  • Food & Beverage Industry application
  • LPG application
    LPG application
  • Wastewater Treatment Application

Supply calibration , training

  • Calibration Supplied
  • Training Supplied
QC Plan

Strict quality control permeates every process of production

  • Strict quality control
  • Strict quality control


Over the past 25 years we have accumulated a good reputation in this field, thanks to our regular customers for their support and feedback to BCST, your encouragement is our motivation to move forward!

Purchasing Manager
1.We have cooperated BCST for our paper making projects , their products can compete those European brands.
Instrumentation Engineer
2.We have purchased automated valve and process instruments from BCST during past 5 years , their service and products are good .
CEO, Wholesale Brand
3.Their products quality are really impressed by our engineers , right now they are our Level A supplier .
4.We come from the oil and gas industry and have high demands on our suppliers, BCST is our long term partner and we are very happy to work with us.

Company News & Resource

Pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into pneumatic or electric signals for control and remote transmission. It transforms physical pressure parameters, such as gas or liquid, sensed by the pressure sensing element sensor into standard electrical signals (such as 4~20mADC), to be used for measurement, indication, and process regulation by secondary instruments like indicators, recorders, and regulators.
A zirconia oxygen analyzer is an instrument used for precise measurement of oxygen content in industrial processes. Its application is extensive, including in the petroleum and chemical industries for ethylene and aromatic hydrocarbon production, hydrocracking processes, inert gas reaction furnaces or vessels, argon or nitrogen purification, combustion control in boilers or incinerators, gas cylinder filling and packaging in gas plants, marine inert gas generators, carbon dioxide purity detection in the brewing industry, and in heat treatment industry furnaces, among others.
Control valves are generally composed of electric actuators or pneumatic actuators and valve bodies. Regulating valves belong to the category of throttling valve devices within the moving parts. Compared with detection elements, transmitters, and controllers, control valves need to continuously change the throttling valve's flow area during the control process to adapt to changes in load or operating conditions, thereby altering the control variables. Proper installation of control valves is crucial, as it affects valve control effectiveness and service life.
A pressure gauge refers to an instrument that utilizes an elastic element as a sensitive component to measure and indicate pressures higher than ambient pressure. It is widely applied and virtually ubiquitous across all industrial processes and scientific research fields. Pressure gauges can be found everywhere, including thermal power networks, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply systems, and vehicle maintenance shops. Particularly in industrial process control and technical measurement processes, mechanical pressure gauges, due to their high mechanical strength and ease of production, have become increasingly prevalent. As a result, testing the quality of pressure gauges has become crucial.
Coriolis Mass flowmeter is a new type of flow measurement instrument developed by BCST based on the principle of Coriolis . It can directly measure the mass flow rate of fluid and the density of the medium in a closed pipeline. The mass flowmeter consists of two parts: flow measurement sensor and signal converter.
Thermal mass flowmeter is a type of flow meter that utilizes the change in temperature field generated when a fluid flows over an external heat source to measure the mass flow rate of the fluid. Alternatively, it measures the relationship between the energy required to heat the fluid to a certain temperature rise and the mass of the fluid to determine the mass flow rate of the fluid.

Best Process Instrument & valve supplier for your projects

With a comprehensive production line in the industry, BCST Group Co.,Ltd actively engages in both domestic and international project . Our full range of products and consistent product quality have earned us the trust of domestic and foreign end-users, establishing us as a top-tier supplier for numerous customers.

BCST Process Instrument & Valve Solution help you reduce cost ,and increase safety for your plant

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