2020 BCST Annual Work Conference

January 29, the BCST group held the 2020 annual work conference, a comprehensive summary of the work in 2019. Thus, we have analyzed the development of the company situation, the deployment of 2020 tasks. And we have mobilized the majority of cadres and workers further.  And Each manager makes agree to promote high-quality development to build the world’s leading control valve & industry instrumentation technology industrial group and ongoing struggle.


The party committee immediately launched a severe study and organized the party branches to set off a wave of learning and propaganda. As a result, each workshop branch has studied in-depth the critical content and ideology of the 2020 work conference and the critical speech of Xi Jinping. And they have combined with the actual work of our company.  As a result, we have discussed the measures of the 2020work goals, mobilized party members and workers, promoted the realization of the company’s high-quality development as a role.
Angzhao, Production Manager of the valve workshop, said in the study and exchange, the annual work conference of the group company continued to promote the group’s high-quality development goals and requirements, highlighting the extreme importance of high-pressure ball valve regulating valve and other engineering tasks on schedule, stressing the need to pay close attention to production management, promote cost reduction and efficiency, and grasp the safety, quality and environmental management. As a grass-roots production unit, in the face of the heavy annual production tasks, the department should study and implement the spirit of the meeting in-depth, by the company’s operating yearly guidelines. All members should keep an eye on the production progress of each workshop, win the battle of SBM’s first FPSO project, and further deepen the implementation of the department’s cost engineering measures. Furthermore, in the light of the instructions given by Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Jianfeng in the department’s research, we should strengthen the team’s “wolf culture” construction in the face of the attacking task, enhance the compliance of plan, grasp the field details execution, and strive to make BCST a world brand.

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