3810 Electric Actuator

3810, 3410 series electronic type electric actuator, using 220V AC single-phase power as drive power, that is a safety electric actuator accepting computer controller or operator 4 -20 ADC or 1-5VDC input signal to operate. Its inside has a servo system, no need spare servo amplifier. Key part “ controller “ adopt advanced hybrid integrated circuit, and use resin to solid-cast.

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months

After aging treatment, moistureproof, shockproof. Positioner adjusts zero, trip, sensitivity conveniently. Function switch can choose direct action, reaction, choice stop signal three situations. Meanwhile, the actuator has overload protection, temperature protection, and a compressed spring protecting valve close completely. It is a highly reliable product, with the straight trip and angle trip consist of the electric control valve.

Connection size for the yoke of linear actuator

Supporting yoke parameter

Each specification actuator can be supported 2“3 kinds york connected with national unify flexible control valve. It still needs to test the actuator output force to confirm if it can satisfy the max force of the valve on and off.

Parameter name 3810 series 3410 series
Control structure Input signal 4~20mADC or 1~5VDC 220VAC Switch signal
Opening signal 4~20mADC ( load resistor below 500Ω) Feedback 4~20mADC or 0~1.0KΩ
Dead zone 0.8~1.0% Can be adjusted to 0.4%
Zero adjustment 25%
Span adjustment 20~100%
Intrinsic error , Hysteresis 1.0%
Limit control, switch Open side, close side Open side, close side
Opening test Precision conductive plastic positioner Precision conductive plastic positioner


Power AC220±10% 50Hz (AC380V) AC220±10% 50Hz
Drive motor AC reversible single-phase gear motor AC reversible single-phase gear motor



A type 50 VA 50 VA
B type 150 VA 150 VA
C type 220 VA 220 VA
D ype 350VA 350VA


Overload protection unit A、B type optional , C、D type necessary
Torque switch The angular trip can be installed (optional ) The angular trip can be installed (optional)
Space heater Optional ,but Exd are not installed Optional ,but Exd are not installed
Hand gear Portable hand crank Portable hand crank

Installation condition


Working temp

Normal without a heater -10℃~+60℃ Normal without a heater -10℃~+60℃
Normal with heater -35℃~+60℃ Normal with heater -35℃~+60℃
Exd type:-10℃~+60℃ Exd type:10℃~+60℃
Allowance vibration Below 1.5G Below 1.5G
Relative humidity Normal:below 95% , Exd type :45~85% Normal:below 95% , Exd type :45~


Working gas No corrosive gas No corrosive gas
Seams Nomal A、B、C type : 2-PF1/2 Nomal A、B、C type : 2-PF1/2
Normal D type and Exd type 2-PF3/4 Normal D type and Exd type 2-PF3/4
Wiring mouth Signal wire shielding and power wire isolation
Protection class IP55 IP55
Exd class EXd II BT4 EXd II BT4

Note: AC380V needs to point when placing an order.

381 Action type Model name York name Output force

381: adjustment 341: on-off type


L: straight trip S: Angular trip

S: Normal type X: Exd type A:A Series york

B:B series York C: C series York


L series push force=*100N R series torque=*10NM

For example Straight trip adjustment normal type, B series york, push force 5000N: 381LSB -50 Angular trip on-off Exd type, B series york, torque 200NM: 341RXB-20

3810L series


3410 Series

Rated output

force N


Speed mm/s

Max travel





Normal type

381LS A-08 341LS A-08 800 4.2  


381LSA-20 341LSA-20 2000 2.1
381LSB-30 341LSB-30 3000 3.5  


381LS B-50 341LS B-50 5000 1.7
381LSC-65 341LSC-65 6500 3.4  


381LSC-99 341LSC-99 10000 2.0
381LSC-160 341LSC-160 16000 1.0
Exd type 381LX A-08 341LX A-08 800 4.2  


381LXA-20 341LXA-20 2000 2.1
381LXA-30 341LXA-30 3000 3.5  


381LXA-50 341LXA-50 5000 1.7

3810 R series


3410R series

Rated output

torque N.m

Action time



Max angle






Normal type

381RSA-02 341RSA-02 20 8.5  








381RSA-05 341RSA-05 50 17
381RSB-10 341RSB-10 100 18
381RSB-20 341RSB-20 200 36
381RSC-30 341RSC-30 300 24
381RSC-50 341RSC-50 500 42
381RSC-60 341RSC-60 600 48
381RSD-100 341RSD-100 1000 30
381RSD-150 341RSD-150 1500 42

Exd type

381RXB-10 341RXB-10 100 18
381RXB-20 341RXB-20 200 36

Dimension Electric Actuator

Model Control valve

nominal diameter


Yoke item

381LSA-08 3/4” A-1
381LXA-08 20 A-2
381LSA-20 20~50 A2
381LSB-30 25~50 B-3
381LXB-30 65~100 B-4


25~50 B-3
65~100 B-4
125~150 B-5
381LSC-65 65~100 C-4
125~200 C-5
381LSC-99 125~200 C-5
250~300 C-6
381LSC-160 125~200 C-7
250~300 C-8

Yoke and control valve link size

Yoke Item L L1 D n-d1 D2
A-1 168 78 Φ55 2-Φ10 Φ36
A-2 173 78 Φ80 2-Φ10 Φ60
B-3 215 125 Φ80 2-Φ10 Φ60
B-4 255 125 Φ105 4-Φ12 Φ80
B-5 267 125 Φ118 4-Φ14 Φ95
C-4 285 175 Φ105 4-Φ12 Φ80
C-5 310 175 Φ118 4-Φ14 Φ95
C-6 345 175 Φ130 4-Φ18 Φ100
C-7 410 270 Φ118 4-Φ14 Φ95
C-8 440 270 Φ130 4-Φ18 Φ100


Control valve

size DN

L Stem screw
3/4” 90 M8
20,25,32,40,50 95 M8
65,80,100 135 M12×1.25
125,150,200 140 M16×1.5
250,300 170 M20×1.5

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