BCST Your Expert in Air Flowmeter from China

BCST has been in the manufacturing business for over 20 years. With 12 years of export experience, BCST airflow meters are exported to more than 100 countries. BCST offers a full package of air flowmeters. Producing 50,000 flowmeters per year, BCST is your professional solution for air flowmeters.

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Your Best Air Flowmeter Supplier from China

BCST air flow meter may be a device that permits you to live the speed of airflow. This means that an airflow meter measures the mass or volume flow rate of air. In addition to velocity, airflow meters have the power to live atmospheric pressure also.

With ISO, ATEX, CE, SIL2, Rohs, CNEX certificates. BCST air flowmeters represent high quality. BCST as the original air flowmeter manufacturer in China can customize any special requirements.

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