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  • Easy and flexible preservation.
  •  Easy for cleaning
  • Can be used at the 90 degrees bends due to lower resistance to the inrush.
  • Reduces the number of joints.
  • Suitable for slurry and flushing fluid
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BCST angle control valves are designed to regulate the inrush of liquid, pressure, the temperature within a process. They’re ordinarily used to let down pressure, regulate situation and flow.

BCST angle control valves are generally borrowed to answer delicate problems to address with general-purpose valves. They’re used in the refinery, petrochemical, power assiduity, etc.

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BCST is a trained and skillful manufacturer of angle control valves. As an ISO registered company, BCST has a specialized solid background, a specialized professional crew with over 20 generations of experience in manufacturing and exporting.

BCST has developed over angle control valves. Each has its specific characteristics acclimated to the process control essentials that are most important to it.

BCST is the original manufacturer of an angle control valve in China. Our product has CE, SIL2, RoHs approbation.

BCST is your best partner for angle control valve results.

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Your Best Angle Control Valves Manufacturer from China

BCST angle control valve is adopted as the top guide structure to realize the adjustment to pressure, flow, temperature, and liquid level in the pipeline system. It features a small size, lightweight, low leakage. It has a simple flow route and low resistance. What’s more, it can regulate liquid fluid with a high-pressure difference, or liquid with high viscosity and liquid containing suspended particles. It is an ideal control solution is for slurry and flushing fluid.
It is convenient to do self-cleaning and water cleaning. BCST angle control valve is generally used in conditions of bottom-in & side-out. It can reduce the usage of joints. It has a pneumatic or electric actuator type. You can contact BCST to select the suitable angle control valve.

Valve Body Parameter 

Type Angle globe valve
Size (DN) KASP(DN15 ~ DN200 mm) ,KACL(DBN40 to 200) ,KTSN(DN25 to DN200)
Pressure rating PN16 – PN100 / CL150LB, CL300LB, CL600LB, JIS 10K to 40K
Flange standard JB/T79.1-94, 79.2-94, ANSI B16.5
Body material WCB, CF8, CF8M
Bonnet structure Standard type: (-17 ~ 230 ℃),

Low temperature type:(-196 ~ -45 ℃),

Extended high-temperature type (-45 to 566°C)

Bonnet type Bolted
Packing V-type PTFE / flexible graphite
Trim structure Single-seat with sleeve/plunger disc
Trim material Seat & Plug: SS304/SS316 surfacing welding Stellite, Shaft: SS304/SS316
Flow characteristic Equal percentage / Linear/Fast Open
Flow characteristic Linear,  percentage, fast open
Allowable range 50:1 ( CV<6.3 30:1)
Rated Cv value Percentage CV1.6 ~ 630, Linear CV1.8 ~ 690
Leakage grade Metal seal: IV grade ( 0.01% rated capacity );   Soft seal: VI-grade (leakage standard: GB/T 4213)
Intrinsic error ±1.0 %
Return difference ≤1.0 %
Dead zone ≤1.0 %
Difference from beginning to end ±2.5 %
Rated travel difference ≤2.5 %
Note: Performance listed base on the packing material in PTFE

Actuator Information

Type An electric actuator, intelligent integrated Pneumatic diaphragm actuator (multi-spring type)
Usage regulating Regulating,  ON-OFF
Power supply 220VAC ±10 % 50Hz, 380VAC ±10 % 50Hz Air supply pressure ( Spring range)
140 ( 20 ~ 100) Kpa G
240 ( 40 ~ 200) Kpa G
280 ( 80 ~ 240) Kpa G
Input signal 4-20mA.DC 4-20mA.DC
Action to close Input signal increase, valve stem descend, valve close pressure increase, valve stem descend, valve close
Action to open Input signal increase, valve stem ascend, valve open pressure increase, valve stem ascend, valve open
Lag ≤0.8 %FS ≤1 %FS ( with positioner )
Linear type ≤1 %FS ≤2 %FS ( with positioner )
Environmental temperature Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With space heater: -35℃~+60℃
Explosive proof: -10℃~+40℃
-10℃ ~ +70℃

Angle control valve structure

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