Annual Blood Donation Activity in BCST

Chairman Xu Jianfeng has always been concerned about supporting the cause of love. Therefore, the annual blood donation activity was held on November 11, 2020, as scheduled, and as in previous years, it was enthusiastically supported by the staff.

At 8:00 a.m., staff from the Jinhu County Blood Station arrived at the company. The company’s conference room was crowded with employees lined up early. Under the guidance of the staff, everyone filled out the forms, measured blood pressure, blood type, and transaminases before donating blood in an orderly manner. Thus, the event was organized in an orderly manner.

Annual Blood Donation Activity

General Manager Chen Hongqun (party member) and Vice President Zhou Jinyu (secretary of the party branch)also donate blood.  Wang Xinping has donated more than 2,000ml of blood.

For the first time, Xue dong did not know about blood donation and was a bit worried and nervous. The doctor gave him psychological counseling: the total blood volume of an adult is about 4000-5000 ml, and a healthy adult donates 200-300 ml of blood at one time, which is only 5% of the total blood volume.  After donating blood, the body’s automatic regulation function will make the blood flow return to normal soon, which will not only not affect health, but also stimulate the body’s hematopoietic process. Therefore, for healthy people, donating blood as required will not affect the body and will not “hurt the vitality” but will benefit health. After listening to the doctor’s explanation, he adjusted his mind and decided to participate in the blood donation campaign by donating 200ml of blood.

A few employees could not participate in the blood donation due to health reasons. Still, they decided to donate to the blood center after their health indicators met the requirements and applauded their spirit.

Drops of blood reflect profoundly true love. The company’s staff fulfilled the ethical obligation with their blood, expressing sincere feelings and selfless dedication to give back to society and care for the community.


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