Application of Online Concentration Meter in Sodium Bicarbonate Concentration Monitoring

Application of Online Concentration Meter in Sodium Bicarbonate Concentration Monitoring


The demand for accurate and real-time monitoring of chemical concentrations, particularly in the context of sodium bicarbonate, has led to the widespread adoption of online concentration meters. This article delves into the practical aspects and benefits of employing such instrumentation for sodium bicarbonate concentration monitoring.

Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a white, fine crystalline substance with a solubility in water lower than that of sodium carbonate. It is an inorganic compound, presenting as a white crystalline powder with no odor, a salty taste, and easy solubility in water. Besides,  sodium bicarbonate slowly decomposes in moist or hot air, generating carbon dioxide, and completely decomposes when heated to 270°C. It strongly decomposes in the presence of acids, producing carbon dioxide. Sodium bicarbonate finds extensive applications in analytical chemistry, inorganic synthesis, industrial production, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

Its roughly five main uses include serving as an analytical reagent in laboratories and inorganic synthesis.

  1. It is employed in solution preparation and maintaining the pH stability of concentration systems.
  2. In industries, it is utilized for producing acid-base fire extinguishers, foam extinguishers, and as a flux in casting steel ingots in metallurgy.
  3. In food processing, sodium bicarbonate is widely used as a leavening agent for the production of biscuits, bread, and more.
  4. In agriculture, it compensates for the insufficient lysine content in feed.
  5. Furthermore, it finds broad applications in medicine and various other fields.

Application Overview

The application of online concentration meters in sodium bicarbonate concentration monitoring is multifaceted. Online concentration meters can achieve fully automated determination and control of sodium bicarbonate concentration within pipelines and tanks. These instruments enable operators to closely monitor and control the concentration levels throughout various stages of industrial processes. Moreover, the real-time data provided by these meters facilitates prompt decision-making and adjustments.

The online concentration meter utilizes the principle of refractive index measurement to determine the refractive index of a solution, which correlates with the concentration of sodium bicarbonate solution. Through conversion, the actual concentration of the solution can be obtained, ensuring stability and high accuracy. The online concentration meter is suitable for various installation methods, such as pipeline installation or container wall mounting. The instrument has a compact structure, is easy to operate, and allows for 24-hour real-time online monitoring of methanol concentration. It offers comprehensive functionality, including automatic temperature compensation and online prism automatic cleaning.

Benefits and Advantages

The utilization of online concentration meters in sodium bicarbonate concentration monitoring offers several advantages. Firstly, it enhances process efficiency by providing timely information for corrective actions. Secondly, it contributes to resource optimization as it allows for precise control of chemical concentrations, minimizing waste and improving overall yield.

This online continuous detection method replaces the manual sampling method for monitoring substance concentrations, saving a significant amount of manpower and resources. It not only enhances measurement precision and the automation level of production but also improves efficiency and product quality. Besides measuring sodium bicarbonate concentration, it can be applied across various industries.


In conclusion, the application of online concentration meters in monitoring sodium bicarbonate concentrations is a pivotal development in modern industrial processes. The integration of advanced instrumentation not only ensures accuracy and efficiency but contributes to the overall optimization of chemical processes. As technology continues to advance, the role of online concentration meters is likely to become even more prominent in the realm of industrial monitoring and control.

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