BCST Leaders Participate in 2024 Huai’an Chinese and Foreigners Lunar New Year Gathering

Invited by Huai’an Foreign Affairs Office, Huai’an Friendship Association and Huai’an Talent Office of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee, BCST participated in the 2024 Chinese and Foreigners Lunar New Year Gathering. Zhou Maoxuan, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Huai’an People’s Congress, Xiao Tianfeng, Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Consultative Conference, Jiang Hongyang, Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Bureau of Elderly Cadres and Director of the Talent Office, Zhu Yu, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Huai’an Municipality, Zhu Yu, Vice President of the Friendship Association of Huai’an Municipality, Wang Lihua, Secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal General Federation of Trade Unions and Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and more than 100 people attended the event. More than 100 people attended the event.

Zhou Maoxuan reviewed the achievements of the city’s development in 2023, and expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs and experts for their dedication. He hoped that all of them could be a good bridge to the outside world, do a good job in attracting investment and talents to Huaian, and be the “spokesman” and “promoter” of the city; they would always have a passionate feeling, and would drum up their entrepreneurial energy, and as always, they would work hard and build up their career in this hot land of Huaian.


During the activity, Zhou Maoxuan, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress, Xiao Tianfeng, vice chairman of Municipal People’s Consultative Conference, and heads of relevant departments of the city presented souvenirs to Amir, the People’s Friendship Envoy of Jiangsu Province, and issued letters of appointment of “Talent-attracting Ambassadors” to relevant enterprises, as well as souvenirs and condolences to representatives of returnee talents. Guests also enjoyed cultural programs such as Huai Opera, Guzheng, bamboo flute, etc., and participated in activities such as writing Chinese fortune, knotting, paper-cutting and other non-heritage cultural demonstrations, so as to feel the flavor of Chinese New Year and experience traditional culture together.

The activity was successfully concluded in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which further strengthened the interaction and liaison between foreign-related enterprises, experts and talents and government departments, and enhanced the relationship and friendship, and everyone was full of expectations and confidence in the development of Huai’an. In the new year, BCST team will continue to struggle to make better foreign trade performance of BCST brand instruments, meters, valves and other related products, and make greater contribution to the development of Huai’an City.

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