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BCST your Expert Beer Flow Meter Supplier in China

BCST beer flow meter is meant primarily for beer measurement. This indicates meter could be a stand-alone product that shows the quantity of liquid dispensed since the last reset. BCST

BCST beer flow meters work well in all told stages of the brewing process. The system is more accurate and efficient during and after the bottling process. It ensures precise measurements and takes the guesswork out of brewing, so you get the right amount of water in your recipe when. A beer flow meter is employed as the complete process to live predicament because it goes into the mash tank and through bottling or afterward to live chemicals for close up.

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BCST your One-Stop Beer Flow Meter Solution from China


Size:DN10 to DN6000

Accuracy :0.5 to 1%

Working temperature : -40 to 150 C

beer Turbine Flowmeter

Size:DN4 to DN200

Accuracy : 1%

Working temperature : -20 to 120 C

Beer Flow indicator

Size: DN4 to DN200

Working temperature: -20 to 450 C

Why Use BCST Beer Flow Meter for Your Project

BCST is an ISO-registered company with over 20 years of experience exporting beer flow meters.

We have abundant raw materials available and a half-finished beer flow meter that is fast delivered to the BCST beer flow meter. In addition, you’ll find a complete package of flow measurement and control solutions from us.

BCST beer flow meter is exported to over 100 countries as a recognized international brand. With 15 years of exporting experience, BCST will provide you with a professional solution for the beer flow meter.

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Video-Beer Flowmeter

What is the difference between electromagnetic flowmeter and turbine flowmeter for beer factories?

Some winemakers would like to have the inflow cadence to learn the inflow or volume of wort, brewing water, or beer during the brewing process for monitoring/ duty/ transferring intention. Winemakers generally advert the Turbine flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter in this area. Now, let’s compare these two kinds of flowmeters below

1. Operation principle comparing

Electromagnetic flowmeter gets the Signal by electromagnetism. It doesn’t have a wheel or throttling part inside, so this is truly suitable for sanitary and food liquid. Even the liquid has high viscosity or particles. Its maximum work temperature can reach 180 ℃. While there is a wheel inside of the body for the Turbine flowmeter, high viscosity liquid will be easily stuck to the wheel, so it is not suitable for wort. Its maximum work temperature can reach 120 ℃


2. Material comparing

The electromagnetic flowmeter has a liner that contacts the liquid, such as PTFE, PFA, F46. And its electrode material is 316LSS. So it’s no matter if the material or the cock body is food grade or not. The Electromagnetic flowmeter with regular standard material will be good enough for wort, beer, brewing water. What’s more, there is a sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter, its body is full stainless steel, and the process connection is tri-clamp. So it can perfectly meet your high requirement.

The Turbine flowmeter is a wheel inside that will communicate the wort or beer. What’s more,  the wheel material must be carbon steel as the SUS304 wheel can not catch the Signal. So even we see that the Turbine flowmeter has a food-grade body, the wheel is still just carbon steel. So strictly speaking, the Turbine flowmeter is not suitable for wort, beer, or brewing water, which has a high demand for sanitation.

3. Maintenance

There is no wheel inside the electromagnetic flowmeter, so the possible problem is few.

While for turbine flowmeter, the wheel inside is a wearing part, so it needs to replace after a certain period.

So if you plan to measure the inflow of the beer or brewing water, the Electromagnetic flowmeter is an ideal selection. Still, wastewater, etc., If you plan to monitor the influx of the glycol water. The turbine flowmeter is just good enough.




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