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BCST Brix transmitter has following advantages

  • Flexible installation , clamp/flange/thread installation for selection
  • Unaffected by colour, turbidity, viscosity, bubbles, solid impurities, crystals,etc
  • Factory calibration certificate, built-in temperature compensation
  • Upper and lower limit alarms, touch screen input
  • Built-in NAND Flash high-speed memory
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BCST Expert Brix Transmitter Supplier from China

BCST brix transmitter, often called a Brix sensor or Brix meter, is a device used to measure the sugar content in a liquid, typically in the food and beverage industry context.

BCST Brix scale is commonly used to determine the sugar concentration in various liquids. It is expressed in degrees Brix (°Bx) and represents the percentage of sugar (mainly sucrose) in the liquid. For example, a Brix reading of 10°Bx means that the solution contains 10% sugar by weight.

BCST brix transmitter typically utilizes various methods to measure sugar concentration, including refractometry and density measurements. These devices are valuable in quality control and production processes. They help ensure that products meet specific sugar content standards and taste profiles. In the beverage industry, brix transmitters are crucial for monitoring and adjusting the sweetness of beverages during production.

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BCST stands out as an expert Brix transmitter supplier. Due to its extensive industry experience, its record of providing high-quality and accurate instruments, and its commitment to customer satisfaction. BCST brix transmitter works by measuring the sugar concentration in a liquid through the principle of refraction. It directs a beam of light into the liquid sample. And detects the angle at which the light is bent as it passes through the liquid. This angle is directly related to the liquid’s refractive index, which correlates with its sugar content. The Brix transmitter then converts this refractive index measurement into Brix degrees. Providing a precise and non-destructive measurement of the sugar concentration in the liquid. Commonly used in industries such as food and beverage production to ensure product quality and consistency.

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Best Brix Transmitter Online Measurement and Control System from BCST

Cutting fluid, beer, pharmaceutical industry (traditional Chinese medicine concentrate), food industry (fruit juice, gelatin, collagen peptide ……), off the market industry (measuring ammonia concentration), alcohol industry (alcohol blending), organic and inorganic chemical materials (acid / alkali concentration control), the chemical industry (production of acid and alkali salts, quality control, leakage (production of acids and alkalis, quality control, leak detection, underground storage tanks using brine): sodium acetate, sodium hypochlorite, aluminum chloride, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chloroacetic acid, ammonia, methanol, ethanol, brine, sodium hydroxide, freezing liquids, sodium carbonate, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, sugar water, fruit juices, brewing, cream, pharmaceutical liquids, bio-liquids, alcoholic beverages, acetone, DMAC, NMP, DMF, fruit juices, hydrogen peroxide, automotive urea, cutting fluids, emulsions Slurry, Glycol, Ammonia …… etc.

  • Standard with multiple groups of signal analog output, easy for customers to integrate control, improve automation and increase production efficiency;
  • Built-in 0-80℃ temperature compensation data, overcoming the shortcomings of the small memory of the micro-controller, the temperature compensation range is limited;
  • Using 4.3″ touch screen man-machine interface;
  • Automatic data storage, easy to query: historical data query, generation of historical data curve, quick query, export EXCEL, automatic data analysis and summary, data storage cycle of 12 months, easy to traceability (optional historical data storage function is required);
  • Support sqlite database, can store up to 32G of historical data, data can be exported to PC via U disk or to PLC, PC, DCS and other upper computer systems in real time via wireless remote transmission function; remote viewing of real-time status and alarm via PC. (Optional data remote transmission module is required)
  • Intelligent chip, operation without reagents and consumables, low power consumption, probe internal light source life up to 100,000 hours, high stability and long service life;
  • Continuous measurement, rapid feedback, eliminating manual testing errors, no longer need to manually take frequent samples for testing, saving a lot of manpower and financial resources, ensuring data consistency and improving product quality;
  • With multiple data collection systems, it can realize unified monitoring of multiple workshops, facilitate data collection and remote management, and can be docked with MES system.
Model BC-70
Range Determined by the actual working conditions in order to achieve the best possible accuracy and resolution;
Concentration range 0.0-100% Brix
Refractive index range 1.3330~1.4655
Resolution 0.1 %, refractive index 0.00002, temperature 0.1°C
Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1% absolute, or refractive index: +/- 0.0002;
Measuring temperature 0-80℃
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation, 0-60°C
Ambient temperature 0-60℃
Material of key parts  Large wear-resistant sapphire, 9 Mohs hardness;
Input power 24V DC
Signal output £4-20mA、£RS485/232digital value、

£On-off Value(Abnormal alarm, 2 outputs for upper and lower limits)

Protection class IP67
Pressure resistance range ≤1MPa
Net weight ≈1250g
Cleaning options JC-C12Ultrasonic cleaning components
Special scales Off-standard customization, data modelling to customer requirements

Brix Meter Installationbrix transmitter installationBrix Transmitter Meter InstallationJC Concentration probe threaded mountingInstallationbrix meter display

BCST Supply one stop solution for brix transmitter

The Brix meter is usually installed as a bypass at the outlet of each circulation pump of the triple effect evaporator. It can monitor the concentration of juice, jam and sugar in each effect online and output the concentration value to the PLC for accurate PLC control to improve product quality, reduce production costs, achieve continuous production and increase production efficiency. It is also recommended for soft drinks mixing and filling, pharmaceutical evaporation and sugar evaporation and concentration processes.

Process application

The principle of sugar extraction: When the sugar cane trail reaches 13 Brix in the field, the cane is ready to be harvested. The harvested cane is then trimmed of its leaves, tips and roots to be used as raw material for processing in the sugar mills.

The raw sugar cane for the sugar mill is first crushed into flakes or strips to make cane feed and then fed to the presses. The juice from the press is cleaned by sulphite, pre-ash and heating, sulphur fumigation and neutralisation, settling and filtration to obtain a clear juice, the concentration of which is about 12-14 Brix.

The BCST in-line brix meter can be pipe-mounted at the outlet of the heater, filter and evaporator to monitor the sugar content of the cane juice online and help improve evaporation efficiency. It can also be installed directly on the tank to monitor the sugar level of the syrup in the tank online.


As a basic raw material for food and drug, starch sugar has a highly complex production process to meet the demanding requirements of food and drug, therefore a large number of process control systems are applied to the whole process of starch sugar production to help control it accurately.The BC-70 has a large number of mature applications in the starch sugar industry to measure and control online the finished syrup brix, mixing process brix and crystalline brix of crystalline seeds to With a wide range of 0-100 Brix, the BC-70 is suitable for the entire process of the starch sugar industry. A wide range of mounting accessories allows the BC-70 to be installed on pipes of various diameters or directly on evaporation, crystallisation or mixing tanks for in-line measurement without the need for additional expensive by-pass systems. Glucose Starch slurry is liquefied by alpha enzymes to form a hydrolysate, which has a DE value of 10-20 and is commonly used to measure the degree of hydrolysis. The hydrolysate is completed by the saccharification process to give a DE98 glucose syrup, which is subsequently decoloured, deionised, filtered, concentrated and sold in bulk, or further sold as crystallised glucose.

The fructose glucose is isomerised by isomerase to form fructose, which is a limited isomerisation. Ideally, 100% of the glucose is isomerised to 50% of the fructose (DE50), in practice the isomerisation rate is about 42%, so the commercial fructose concentration is usually 42% (42 HFS or 42 HFCS). The fructose formed by isomerisation is refined by decolourisation, deodorisation and de-ashing to make a finished product. 42 HFS is refined by fractionation to give 96 HFS high fructose syrup, and by mixing 42 HFS with 96 HFS to make 55 HFS.

The sugar alcohol sorbitol is formed by the catalytic hydrogenation of glucose. The main production processes are: hydrogenation, catalytic separation, refining and evaporation (to 70% solids). BCST in-line brix meter, with a wide range of 0-100 Brix, resistance to +100°C process heat, convenient automatic ultrasonic cleaning device and drift-free/maintenance-free/consumable diverse installation accessories make the JC-3001-70JS widely used in the starch sugar industry.


In today’s dynamic and demanding industries, precision and consistency are paramount. Whether you’re in the food and beverage sector, chemical manufacturing, or any other field that relies on accurate sugar concentration measurements, BCST emerges as a beacon of reliability. As a one-stop brix transmitter solution provider, BCST combines innovation, expertise, and a commitment to quality that elevates your processes to new heights.

BCST’s Brix transmitters offer many advantages. These include pinpoint accuracy in measuring sugar concentrations, real-time monitoring, and non-destructive testing. BCST brix transmitters also provide rapid results, reduce labor costs through automation, and improve product quality and consistency. Additionally, BCST’s transmitters provide comprehensive data logging and analysis capabilities for long-term process optimization. Making them a valuable asset for industries dependent on precise sugar content measurements. With BCST’s Brix transmitters, you can trust their commitment to quality and innovation to streamline your processes and ensure the highest product standards.

Don’t compromise on precision and quality in your processes any longer. Experience the difference with BCST’s Brix transmitter solutions. Whether in the food and beverage industry, chemicals, or any other field that demands precise sugar concentration measurements, BCST has the one-stop solution you need. Elevate your production and streamline your processes with BCST’s advanced technology. Don’t wait – take the first step towards precision and efficiency today.

If you’re looking for a trusted source for Brix transmitters, BCST’s expertise and dedication make them a compelling choice. Contact BCST today to discuss your specific requirements and experience the difference in quality and service for yourself.


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