Professional Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

BCST is a leading manufacturer of high-quality butterfly valve solutions since 2000.

  • Fast open and fast close
  • Low cost, less expensive
  • Less  installation space
  • Long application life
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Wide range of application
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Orginal Butterfly Valve Factory from China

There is 250 staff in the BCST factory, the factory occupied an area of 50000m2.

The technical team has 30 experienced staff. We have got ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 approval.

BCST has strong technical background support for butterfly valve production.

BCST supplies a one-step solution for butterfly valve, based on your engineered application, there are resilient seated, PTFE/PFA lined, high performance, triple offset butterfly valve for selection.

Equipped with valve accessories, such as positioner, limit switch, solenoid valve, BCST butterfly valve can also be used in control circuits pipe system.

BCST butterfly valves are widely used in various industries, include water supply, wastewater treatment, chemical industry, etc.

High Quality Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

BCST butterfly valve has an excellent flow rate adjustment function at the fast opening, it can fully open or fully close by 90 ° rotation.

There are wafer connections and flange connections, comparing to other types of valves, the BCST butterfly valve is short in L length, and lightweight, so it is low cost and a good selection for big size pipeline.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer -BCST

Hot Sales Butterfly Valve

Electric Butterfly Valve
Electric Butterfly Valve
Triple-eccentric-pneumatic -butterfly-valve
Triple Eccentric Pneumatic Butterfly Valve
LCD electric butterfly valve
Metal Seal Electric Butterfly Valve
Rubber Liner Wafer Electric butterfly valve
Rubber Liner Wafer Electric butterfly valve

Why Purchase Butterfly Valve from BCST

Installation Type

Butterfly valves are for installation in pipeline systems, it is easy to install, or remove from the pipeline, it can be installed by flange or wafer type.


Valve Body

As the body is internally fully rubber line or PTFE liner, the body material is protected from corroding by the medium.


Valve Disc

As the disc contact with the medium, the material should be selected carefully.

Valve-disc-butterfly valve

Valve Seat

It is essential for each individual case that the selection of the type of rubber complies with medium characteristics.


Operation Mode

Butterfly valve compatible for various operators




structure-flange-connection-butterfly valveStrucuture-wafer -butterfly valve






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