Professional Capsule Pressure Gauge Manufacturer
  • Suitable for low pressure.
  • Its range is from 0-25 mbar or 0-600 mbar.
  • The dial has DN60, DN75 , DN 100, DN150
  • Can be oil-filled for use with considerably dynamic pressure weight and vibration.
  • More sensitive.
  • Requires little or no upkeep.
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BCST capsule pressure needle measures the air and gases at low pressures. It consists of two roundabout membranes joined at the outer edge—the expansion or squeezing between the inner and outward media measures the pressure.

BCST capsule pressure needle is ordinarily used in the precise proportion of rhetorical media. It’s suitable for uses with shapely low-pressure systems, vacuum pumps, and the monitoring of filters.

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BCST your One-Stop Capsule Pressure Gauge Result in China

BCST has been in the assiduity as a capsule pressure gauge manufacturer for over 20 years. BCST has ATEX, CE, SIL2, RoHs, CNEX, and other domestic certifications.

BCST capsule pressure hand is being exported to more than 100 countries. With 15 years of shipping experience, BCST will give you a professional answer for capsule pressure hands.

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