How Control Valves Works ?

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Valves are used to control the fluid in process systems. For example, control valves are used to regulate the flow, temperature, pressure, level in the pipeline system. Some method of adjusting the positions of the valve is required. For example, some valves are operated with hand wheels or levers. But some valves must be opened, …

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What is an RTD temperature sensor

RTD temperature sensor

The RTD temperature sensor is a sensor thermometer. It uses the principle that the resistance of a conductor or semiconductor varies with temperature to measure temperature. The RTD temperature sensors are divided into two main categories: metal RTDs and semiconductor thermistors. RTDs are widely used to measure temperatures in the range of -200 to +850°C. …

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How to use the Gas Turbine Flowmeters in Natural Gas Industry

Turbine Flowmeters (4)

Natural gas is a clean energy source and occupies an important position in China’s strategy. With the completion of the national West-East gas pipeline and the continuous improvement of the city gas network, the importance of scientific and accurate natural gas trade settlement is highlighted. Because of its significant advantages in accuracy, repeatability, zero-point drift, …

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