Professional Differential Pressure Gauges Manufacturer
  • Stainless steel case
  • High accuracy reaching 2.5 %
  • Pressure limit up to 30% full-scale value
  • Maximum working pressure up to 75% full-scale value
  • High working pressure (static pressure) 5801 psi
  • Differential pressure measuring ranges from 101 WD to 600 psi
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BCST One-Stop Differential Pressure Gauges Solution in China

The BCST differential pressure gauge is an object that serves as an essential visual indicator of the pressure difference between two pressure points. They are suitable for monitoring filter clogging, level measurement in closed tanks, uncleaned overpressure chambers, flow measurement of gaseous and liquid fluids, and control of pumping systems.

Differential pressure gauges are used in industrial process systems, such as those installed in chemicals, petrochemicals, power stations, and refineries. Differential pressure gauges have many uses, including but not limited to liquid flow, liquid levels, and filtration. Since the latter measure the pressure at a single point instead of two. The pressure element separates the fluid chambers of a differential pressure gauge. If the two measured pressures are equal, there is no movement through the pressure element, and no pressure is indicated. However, as soon as the two measured values ​​are different from each other. A differential pressure will be indicated if either pressure is higher or lower. The transmission of the displacement of the pressure element and the indication of the pressure is carried out using a mechanical movement.

Overall, differential pressure gauges are necessary for those working with pressure tanks or pipes or businesses that need to measure airflow and pressure levels frequently. BCST is a world leader in the manufacture and development of pressure gauges. With BCST, you will also find the appropriate instrument for measuring differential pressure.

BCST is a professional manufacturer with 22 years of experience in production and exporting differential pressure gauges. We are a registered global brand, a substantially concentrated inflow fluid control, and measurement solution. Each differential pressure gauge s is tested and collaborated by our automatic production line providing a complete test certificate ensuring the quality of the product.

We supply a one-stop result for inflow dimension and control result. BCST has cooperated with transnational brands like Rotork, Siemens, ABB, and China National Petroleum Corpor ion.  Our products are exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

BCST has enough raw materials in stock and professional technical staff that can quickly realize your unique requirements. In addition, BCST has over 20 times of product history and ten times of export experience. BCST gives you the best differential pressure gauge applications.

differential pressure gauge -video

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