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BCST digital flowmeters have got ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 28001, CE, Rohs, and SIL2, etc. They have been successfully installed and operated in many countries like the USA, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Columbia, etc.

BCST can help clients to choose suitable digital flowmeters. However, different types of digital flowmeters are corresponding to different applications. Therefore, the right selection of flow meter is the priority. E.g., we suggest magnetic flow meters measure electric conductive fluid-like raw water; vortex flow meters to measure gas like overheated steam, saturated steam; turbine flow meters to measure non-conductive but clean liquid like diesel, deionized water; ultrasonic flow meters to measure non-contact liquids like oil, etc.

BCST volumetric flowmeters cannot leave our factory until calibrated and tested well. Meanwhile, BCST can also support OEM, ODM, and provide original files to agents for website building, product promotion, joint exhibition, etc.

BCST digital flow meters are designed to display instantaneous and total flow in the transmitter and provide the output of the volumetric flow rates by 4-20ma, pulse, hart, RS485, and so on.

BCST digital flowmeters can support different units used for measuring volumetric flow rates. The popular ones are m3/hr, m3/m, GPS, GPM, GPH, L/h, L/s, L/m, etc., for liquids like water and nm3/h, nm3/m, CFM, etc. for air and gases.

BCST offers a variety of digital flowmeters like ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters, thermal mass flow meters, precession vortex gas flow meters, wedge flow meters, V cone flow meters, volumetric flowmeter, metal tube rotameters, Coriolis mass flowmeters, etc.

BCST digital flowmeters are used in wide fields and areas. They have different names in different places, like water flowmeters, sewage flowmeters, palm oil flow meters, electronic water flowmeters, cryogenic fluid flowmeters, etc. for measuring liquid; like compressed air flow meters, biogas flowmeters, LPG flow meters, natural gas flowmeters, steam flowmeters, etc. for measuring gas.

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