Famous Brands for Control Valves and On-off Valves in Various Industries

1. Valve brands used in the coal chemical process

Coal gasification is one of the most critical technical aspects of the coal chemical industry. The coal chemical industry includes coal gasification combined cycle power generation, coal to oil, and coal-based methanol to olefin (MTO). In addition, coal can be made into natural gas, and coal can be made into ethylene glycol.

Famous brands for control valves and on-off valves (1)

The leading coal gasification technologies are Texaco coal-water slurry gasification. In addition, GSP dry powder pressurized gasification and U-gas fluidized bed gasification. SHELL dry powder pressurized, and BGL pulverized coal slag gasification.

1.1 For Oxygen application 

1.1.1 Valve Brand in the world  


1.1.2 Control Valves and On-off Application

Oxyfuel gasifier for the production of gas by oxygenation technology. It is suitable for several coal types: coke, anthracite, small grain coal, lump coal, and coal type. The complete oxygen continuous gasification technology for gas production has been successfully applied in coal chemical, petrochemical, fine chemical, non-ferrous metal, coal coking, and other industries. It has achieved the requirements of safety, energy-saving, and environmental protection and has achieved good economic benefits, which the enterprises will receive.

1.2 Valve Brand For Coal slurry Application 

1.2.1 Brand


1.2.2 Application

“The clean utilization of coal is of great significance to China’s transformation of economic development and will become the focus of much attention in clean energy.”

In the context of low carbon development and a green economy, the clean utilization of coal is significant to China. Various indications show that coal’s clean and efficient use, which accounts for 68.7% of China’s primary energy use, has received increasing attention.

1.3 Slag lock valves

1.3.1 Famous Brand 


2. Critical valves for coal chemical plants (foreign brands)

The control valve is used as a core application component in the coal chemical industry. It is used in a very harsh environment. A multiphase flow consisting of gas, liquid and solid usually flows inside the control valve and works in a high temperature, high pressure, and highly corrosive environment.

2.1 Oxygen ball valves

2.1.1 Valve  Brand


Oxygen ball valves

2.1.2 Application

The oxygen ball valve is a type of valve dedicated to oxygen pipeline networks. In addition to its function as a standard ball valve, it also has the characteristics of good flame retardancy, good electrical conductivity, fast heat transfer, compact structure, oil resistance, safety, and reliability. With the development of the metallurgical industry, oxygen ball valves are widely used in steel, metallurgy, medicine, and chemical industries, together with oxygen special globe valves.

2.2 Slag lock valves

2.2.1 Valve Brand


Slag lock valves

2.2.2 Application

In rapidly developing projects in the coal chemical industry, slag lock valve installations are one of the essential devices for fluid measurement of process media. The correct selection enables precise and stable measurement of production equipment and energy-saving, safety, and environmental protection.

2.3 Control valves

2.3.1 Brand

Emerson (Fisher), Flowserve (Valtek-NAF-Schmidt-Kammer), Samson, GE (Masoneilan), KOSO, Nippon Honzan, Nippon Yamatake.

2.3.2 Application

Control valves are suitable for air, water, steam, corrosive media, slurry, oil, and other media. The bit number usually starts with FV. Standard classification of control valves: pneumatic control valves, electric control valves, hydraulic control valves, self-acting control valves.

2.4 Cut-off ball valves Brand 

2.4.1 Brand

Flowserve (Argus-Worcester-McCanna-Noble), Pentair-Tyco, Mesto (Neles), Crane (Cronbach), Kitz, Perrin, Mogas, Burgmann, Kinder, Hartmann.

Cut-off valves

2.4.2 Application

The cut-off ball valve has a simple structure, rapid switching, large circulation capacity, and zero leakage and is suitable for high viscosity, fiber-containing, and solid particle fluids. It is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, and other industrial self-control fields to cut off or circulate media in gas and liquid transmission pipelines.

2.5 Plug valve

2.5.1 Brand

Flowserve (Durco), Crane (XOMOX), AZ.

Plug valves

2.5.2 Application

The plug valve is a rotary valve in the form of a shut-off or plunger. It opens or separates the passage opening on the valve plug from the passage extending on the valve body by rotating 90 degrees. It also achieves the opening or closing of a valve.

2.6 Fully lined valves

2.6.1 Brand

Flowserve (ATOMAC), Pentair-Tyco (Neotecha), AZ, IDEX (Richter), Gemu and Ebro.

2.6.2 Application

As some media in the petrochemical industry are incredibly corrosive, standard carbon steel valves are quickly corroded away, even if they are stainless steel.

Later, people invented Hastelloy, Monel alloy, and No. 20 alloy to solve particular petrochemical pipeline transportation problems. Because these alloys contain a lot of Ni, Cr, Nb, Ti, Cu, Pt. and other precious metals. Together with limited resources, this has affected the development of the petrochemical industry. So we seek material with superior performance and fair price. The valve with low production cost is the goal that scientists and technicians strive to pursue.

2.7 Gate shut-off valves

2.7.1 Brand

Flowserve (Edward), Pentair-Tyco, Velan, Hopkinson (UK), Miki (Japan).

Gate shut-off valves

2.7.2 Application

A gate valve is a valve with a plug-shaped opening and closing element. The sealing surface is flat or tapered, and the flap moves in a straight line along the centerline of the fluid.

2.8 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

2.8.1 Brand

Pentair-Tyco (Vanessa), Flowserve (TX), Adams, ZWICK, CCI (Orton), Tomoe-Japan Minho, Velan, Mesto (Neles).

Triple eccentric butterfly valve

2.8.2 Application

With the crystallization of the latest technology of the valve, the triple eccentric butterfly valve will be more and more valued by the majority of users and designers for its ability to raise the length of various valves and avoid the shortcomings of multiple valves.

2.9 Double eccentric butterfly valves

2.9.1 Brand

Cameron, Burma, Suker, Pentair-Tyco (FCT).

Double eccentric butterfly valve

2.9.2 Application

The ultimate control of a pipeline is the valve. The valve opening and closing elements control how the medium flows through the channel. The shape of the valve flow path gives the valve specific flow characteristics that we must consider when selecting the most suitable valve for installation in a pipeline system.

2.10 High-pressure pipeline plug valves

2.10.1 Brand

Surco, Audco, Nordstrom.

High pressure pipeline plug valve

2.10.2 Application

The high-pressure line plug valve is a simple and rational structure that can be easily opened and closed under high pressure in the pipeline, with good safety features and without causing accidents.

2.11 Lined regulating straight valves

2.11.1 Brand

Flowserve (Kammer), Emerson (Fisher), Samson.

2.11.2 Application

Straight-through rubber-lined diaphragm valves are designed to control non-corrosive or generally corrosive media. The inner cavity surface of the valve body is unlined or covered with a variety of rubber options. It is suitable for different operating temperatures and liquid lines.

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