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One-stop Solution for Flow Measurement & Control
One-step solution for Flow Measurement & Control
7 working days delivery
7 working days delivery
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Your Best Flowmeter Manufacturer from China

  • Over 20 years of Flowmeter  manufacturing experience
  • With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, Rohs, CE, CNEX certificates
  • With tracking test and calibration factory certificates
  • Fast delivery within 7 working days for standard products
  • OEM service of customized order, support for small orders

Flowmeter Manufacturerfor Your Project and Factory 

As a Flowmeter manufacturer and factory in China, BCST has been in this industry for over 20 years.You can find a full package of flow measurement and control solutions from us. We manufacture various kinds of flow meters, such as electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, thermal mass gas flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, etc.Our flowmeters are exported to more than 100 countries. The certificates BCST has are ATEX, CE, SIL2, Rohs, CNEX, etc. With 15 years of exporting experience, we would give you a professional solution for the flow meter and valve.Welcome to visit our factory and send us an inquiry.

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  • Pressure process instrument solution

Professional Flowmeter Manufacturer for Your Project and Factory 

Electromagnetic flowmeter is widely applied for conductive liquid, its advantage is that it has easy structure without throttling part, without pressure loss and fluid block, and it has high accuracy, the accuracy will not be affected by a fluid physical parameter such as temperature, viscosity, pressure. It can also use for corrosive liquid, there are various options for liner, such as  PTFE or rubber, and HC, HB,316L, TI material for electrode, which can meet the differential requirement

Vortex flowmeter

A smart steam vortex flowmeter is widely used to measure the flow of industrial pipeline fluid, such as gas, liquid, and steam, etc. It has little pressure loss, a broad span range, and high accuracy. It is not affected by density, pressure, temperature, and viscosity when measuring volumetric flow. It is a simple structure without movable mechanical parts. With a built-in temperature sensor and pressure sensor, it can also measure the mass flowmeters of steam or gas.  


Variable area flowmeter is a kind of measuring meter in which the flow rate is changing along with the area and is widely used in the process control of industrial automation. It has the advantage of little volume, broad measuring range, and convenience for use. It can be used to measure liquid, gas, and vapor flow especially fits for the flow rate measurement of low flow velocity and little flow rate.

Oval gear flowmeter

Oval gear flow meters are a kind of positive displacement meter for the continuous and intermittent measurement of the pipe liquid flow. It features a large flow range, low-pressure loss, large viscosity range, easy installation, high accuracy and can measure high temperature, high viscosity liquids with easy calibration. These flow meters are widely used for flow measurement in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, traffic, food industries and commerce, medical and sanitary departments, etc.


BCST Coriolis mass flowmeter can give the best mass flow, density, and temperature measurement performance for liquid, gas, steam, etc . and it can also calculate volume flow, total flow, and fluid composition in real-time. There are no moving parts inside, and it can work long life with high accuracy.

Vortex natural gas flowmeter

BCST  thermal mass flow meter is a kind of flowmeter that uses the heat transfer principle, heat exchange relation between flowing fluid and heat source, to measure mass flow of gas. The flow meter uses the heat dissipation effect to directly measure gas mass flow. The flow meter has the advantages of little pressure loss, wide measurement range, high accuracy, high repeatability, and no moving parts, and so on.

Professional Flowmeter Manufacturer for Your Project and Factory 

Whether you need Flowmeter for your projects, BCST can always satisfy your different needs. As one of the best Flowmeter manufacturers in China, BCST Flow meter represents high quality. Each product is tested and calibrated carefully at the factory with tracking certificates.

As the original flowmeter manufacturer, BCST can meet any special requirement. We can customize flowmeter body color, flow meter process connection, etc. You just need to confirm the detailed requirement of the process condition, we would suggest a suitable flowmeter and make a model selection for you.

Welcome to send us an inquiry about flowmeter!

Why Select BCST Flowmeter

Over 20 Years of  Flowmeter  Manufacturing Experience

BCST has over 20 years of experience in Flowmeter and 15 years of exported experience, and we can supply you with a one-step solution of  Flowmeter for your projects.

With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, Rohs, CE, CNEX Certificates

For pressure transmitters, we have ATEX approval. Most of the  Flowmeter and transmitter have CE approval. Explosion-proof approval is also applied for all products.

With Tracking Test and Calibration Factory Certificates 

Each Flowmeter  are tested and calibrated by our Automatic calibration Production Line

Fast Delivery within 7 Working Days for Standard Products

There is the full raw material in stock for Flow meters, for standard requirements, the production time is 7 working days. For customized goods, the production time is within 20 days.

OEM Service of Customized Order, Support for Small Orders 

We supply OEM service with your brand. Small orders for flowmeter are also available.

Fully Technical Support on Model Selection, Debugging , Installation  

As the original manufacturer of  Flowmeter, our technical department supply support for model selection before sales and technical support for debugging and installation aftersales

Who Use BCST Flowmeter and Valve

Flowmeter Trading Company

If you are a flowmeter trading company and have your own technical engineers team for installation and aftersales service to the local market, BCST is your best flowmeter manufacturer, you can apply to our agent to sell our brand. We would support from technical training to promotion documents, BCST gives full support to our global agents.

Flowmeter Project Plant

If you build a project plant, such as refinery, chemical plant, water treatment, oil, and gas plant, etc. You must use a flow meter for your pipeline to measure the flowing fluid, BCST supply a complete solution for flow measurement and control.  You just need to send us the detailed requirement of the flowmeter or process parameter, we would suggest a suitable flowmeter and do the model selection.

Flowmeter Engineering Company with Brands

If you are an engineering company that dealing with valves, pipe fittings, and want to expand your business with flow meters. BCST is the best OEM flowmeter manufacturer.  We would custom your own brand and color.

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BCST Flowmeter Test Equipement

Standard Meter Calibration Euqipment
Standard Flowmeter Comparison Euqipment
flow instrument calibration bcst
Flowmeter Weight Calibration System
Flowmeter assembly line
Flowmeter Standard Assembly Line

Send Your Inquiry Now !


Do You Have Any MOQ for All Orders?

For valve, the MOQ is one pcs, for most process instruments, like flow meter, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, temperature transmitter, MOQ is one pcs

There is only MOQ for pressure gauge and temperature gauge. Their MOQ are five pcs

What Are The Payment Methods?

For amount beblow 1000USD, 100% in advance.

For amount oval 10000 USD, T/T 30% deposit, and 70% before shipment.

You will get images and videos for your Valve Automation and Process Instruments manufacturing and packaging.

What Kind of Flowmeter BCST Supply ?

BCST supply below Flowmeter

1.Water flow meter

2.Steam flow meter

3.Oil Flowmeter

4.Gas Flowmeter

What Other Products BCST Manufacture?

1.Valve Automation solution of the pipeline, include control valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, shut off valve, etc

  1. Pressure measurement solution, include pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure gauge
  2. One-stop solution for pressure transmitter, including a sensor, housing, clamp flange, electric board, calibration
  3. Level measurement solution of tank system, include radar level transmitter, magnetic level gauge, tape float level gauge, level switch, etc
  4. Temperature measurement solution, include temperature gauge and RTD,thermocouple
  5. Secondary meter solution, include display meter, paperless recorder, and flow totalizer
How BCST Supply Aftersale Service?

For all exported goods, like flow meter and control valve, they are our mature and advantage products.  BCST products are tested in the domestic market firstly, we are directly taking part in the bidding of the various projects in the differential industry. We only select that one which has the stable and reliable quality for the international market.

Even the product quality is good, if the model selection is wrong, there will be problems after installation. So, we make carefully model selection, for example for electromagnetic flowmeter model selection.

We would confirm the below technical parameter.

A.Medium content

B.Pipe size

C.Flow rate

D.Working pressure

E.Working temperature

F.Power supply

G.Process connection

H.Any another special requirement

If clients got our products, but they will don’t know how to install and operate. There will be a manual in English and a guiding video.

If the flow meter or valve is installed and worked for a long time, then there is a problem appearing, and the client doesn’t know how to solve it.  Please take the video at the site to show the exact working condition and problems. We would show it to our engineer, then give you a solution accordingly.

If the flow meter is broken during warranty time,  and the reason is caused by quality, BCST will take full responsibility.

If the flowmeter is broken due to the client’s wrong operation or other problem at the site, BCST will assist to solve the problem, if it needs to replace some spare part of flowmeter or valves, it is charged.

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