As a professional Flowmeter manufacturer in China, BCST supply a complete Flowmeter solution to measure various mediums. You can get one-step flowmeter solution from BCST.

There are two factories covering 30000M3 in BCST Group and 10 workshops. You can find 5 set CNC machine centers and 10 set process machines in the BCST workshop. Our flowmeter automation calibration system is imported from Germany. You are welcome to visit our factory once coming to China.

BCST Supply Complete Flowmeter Solution

BCST-Electromagnetic flowmeter

The magnetic flowmeter is a kind of flowmeter mainly for conductive liquid. There is no movable part inside its structure, so if you use it, you don’t worry about the installation and aftersale service.

BCST-thermal mass gas flowmeter

The thermal mass gas flowmeter is designed to measure the mass flow rate of gas. It can also measure the volume flow rate at standard conditions.

Oval gear flowmeter

Oval gear flowmeter is special for the high viscosity liquid, such as gel, crude oil, etc. There is a mechanical and digital type oval gear flowmeter.

BCST-vortex flowmeter

Vortex flowmeter is a kind of popular flowmeter, it can use for oil, liquid, steam, etc. It can measure both volume and mass flow rate.

BCST-Vortex Air Flowmeter

Vortex natural gas flowmeter is special for natural gas flow measurement. There is built-in temperature and pressure compensation inside. It features high accuracy, low cost, wide flow range, etc.

BCST-Metal Tube Rotameter

You can use a variable area flowmeter for liquid and gas. It is a good application for a small flow rate. It is simple structure and cost-effective.

Coriolis mass flowmeter

Coriolis mass flowmeter is a kind of high accuracy flowmeter. Its best accuracy reaches 0.2%. You can use them to measures the mass flow rate, volume flow, density, and temperature for liquid, gas, steam, etc. They are used for any process fluid flow measurement.

BCST-Turbine Flowmeter

The turbine flow meter has a compact and light structure. It has a high accuracy measurement in the wide range. It is a good application for liquid and gas pipelines.

BCST-ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter uses ultrasonic wave working principle. It can use for any single-phase liquid. It features high accuracy, stable flow performance, and low cost.


BCST Give You Best Flowmeter Solution

No matter you are an end-user or an engineering company. BCST would give you the best Flowmeter technical support and service.

BCST Flowmeter is widely used in the process industry. We have abundant experience in various industries. You can contact us for deep communication about your industry.

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What are Flowmeters Used for?  

Flowmeter can measure the fluid flow rate in pipe fluid flow. You can read volumetric or mass flow rate in the flowmeter display.

What is the Difference Between Flowmeter and Flow Indicator?

Flowmeter is a device to measure the volume or mass flow rate of gas or liquid. You can find the mechanical type or digital type flowmeters.

While a flow indicator is a kind of sight flow indicator, you can use them to observe the flowing liquid, oil, powder. They are mostly mechanical types.

What is the Function of Flowmeter?

If you use a flowmeter, it can give you precision control of your process production. You can read the total volume flow rate by the flowmeter. It can help you improve productivity and save energy costs.

What is the Difference Between Chinese Flowmeter Manufacturer and European Flowmeter Manufacturer?

The first flowmeter in the world is developed in European Market. European flowmeter technology is mature and stable.

Chinese flowmeter production is later than Europen Flowmeter. It is started in the 1930s, the first flowmeter is made in China, it is actually a kind of water meter. In the 1950s, the flowmeter is improved to a Venturi flowmeter

. In the 1960s, the turbine flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter is produced in China. Since 2000, flowmeter technology in China has developed very fast. Chinese flowmeter technology has also become more stable and mature.

It is a good replacement for the European flowmeter.

What is the Most Common Flowmeter Used Today?

The most common flowmeter in the market is electromagnetic flowmeter. You can see them in different industries, including water treatment, drinking production, textile industry, sugar mill, chemical industry, etc.

As water is the most common medium for industrial production.  So, water measurement is the most important thing for the process industry. An electromagnetic flowmeter is the best water treatment solution.


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