Professional Glass Tue Rotameter Manufacturer
  • The cost of a glass tube rotameter is low.
  • It provides a linear scale.
  • Accurate for low and medium flow rates.
  • Constant pressure loss.
  • Ideal for corrosive fluid.
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BCST Expert Glass Tube Rotameter Supplier in China

BCST glass tube rotameters can measure the flow rate of liquids and gases. Generally, the rotameter is a tube made of plastic, glass, or metal combined with a float, which responds linearly to the tube’s fluid flow rate. The glass tube rotameter is the most common type of meter, so widely used in industries, pilot plants & labs to calculate flow rates of different liquids and gases. These devices monitor natural gas supply into furnaces & ovens, cooling liquids to guard equipment, sampling systems within laboratories & flow rate of water in & out of huge tanks.

BCST glass tube rotameter is mainly used to automatically shut down the heavy equipment once the bearing lubricant supply becomes very low. Electrical equipment shuts down once the flow of cool water drops under a fixed limit. It is utilized in different industries. These are used where a quality air supply is required, where low pressure is necessary. It is also used in laboratories in the medical field to measure oxygen flow rate and the process and oil industries.

BCST Your One-Step Glass Tube Rotameter Solution in China

BCST is a leading Chinese brand specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of glass tube rotameter with over 20 years of manufacturing and trading experience. BCST glass tube rotameter is one of the most common meters used in a variety of applications. It is useful for various purposes in industry, engineering, manufacturing, and science.

As a leading manufacturer of glass tube rotameter, BCST is ISO 9001: 2000, CE, and BV certified. You can be sure that all of our glass tube rotameter meet international quality standards. It is highly regarded in various countries and regions around the world.

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