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BCST hot water flowmeter includes hot water magnetic flowmeter, hot water vortex flowmeter, hot water ultrasonic flowmeter, hot water orifice plate flow transmitter etc.

  • Insignificant pressure-drop.
  • High accuracy, good repeatability.
  • Strong adaptability to the vibration of the pipeline and the environment.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • For high-pressure measurements.
  • Quick, easy to install, and use.
  • It can measure both heat and flow.
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BCST Reliable Hot Water Flow Meter Supplier from China

BCST hot water flow meter refers to flow meters that can measure and indicate the flow of high-temperature water. Hot water is widely used in industry, such as heating systems, bathrooms, boilers, indirect industrial heating, heat transfer, etc.

BCST offers a range of hot water flowmeter technologies specifically suited to this demanding application.  We offer quality hot water flow meters. We ensure that you will receive the durable and reliable products you need to move your projects forward. We calibrate our meters to meet your specific application needs and ensure that your products can be easily used right out of the box.

BCST is a globally recognized China-based hot water flow meter supplier and manufacturer.

BCST Your One-Step Hot Water Flowmeter Solution in China

BCST is a professional manufacturer with 22 years of experience in producing and exporting hot water flow meters. BCST is a registered global brand, a substantially concentrated inflow fluid control and measurement solution. Each hot water flow meter is tested and collaborated by our automatic production line providing a complete test certificate ensure the quality of the product.

We supply a one-stop result for inflow dimension and control result. BCST has cooperated with transnational brands like Rotork, Siemens, ABB, and China National Petroleum Corporation.  Our products are exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

BCST has enough raw materials in stock and professional technical staff that can quickly realize your unique requirements. In addition, BCST has over 20 times of product history and ten times of export experience. BCST gives you the best result for the hot water flow meter.

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