How can Balanced Flow Meters be used in the chemical industry

The Development of Fine Chemicals

China is a significant producer and exporter of fine chemicals. After nearly a half-century of development, there are nearly 25 categories, over 30,000 different types of products, an annual output value of 150 billion yuan, and a complete industrial system that includes scientific and technological development, intermediate production, synthesis, hydrogen production, compounding and processing, and technical services.

With the advancement of high technology and the entrance of the information explosion period, the worldwide demand for scientific agriculture has expanded considerably, and the bioengineering process has been expedited.

Balanced Flow Meter (2)

If the initial investment in the project is considerable, the industry requires several flow measurement sites for material proportioning, which lengthens the return on investment cycle. Process measurement instrumentation, as a lubricant in process production, is connected to the process’s stability, the precision of material proportioning, and the safety of employees and equipment. Choosing the proper instrument may improve the automation of the whole manufacturing process and assist businesses in lowering their initial project expenditure while assuring safe output.

BCST Balance Flow Meter in Bioengineering Applications1.

1. Flow Measurement Applications

1.1 Corrosive media measurement

Balance flow meter with lining structure and unique material loose flange construction for acid and alkali corrosive liquid media, efficient isolation of corrosive media, all receiving liquid parts for PTFE or special material (Ha C, etc.), cost savings, and measurement accuracy. Minimal investments diminish the investment cycle’s return.

1.2 The whole Plant Steam Balance

Conventional measuring solutions: without compensation / partial compensation vortex flow meter or compensation / partial compensation upper section of differential pressure type flow meter, these methods are often erroneous, and steam cannot balance the situation. The primary reason is because steam is not a liquid. The pipeline transmission process alters the condition of the steam due to variations in temperature or pressure. As a result, measuring the upstream and downstream steam flow in a pipeline is challenging. Also, the lengthy steam pipeline transmission procedure would cause vibration, which will compromise the real measurement accuracy of some vortex flow meters.


Balanced flow meter with equal Reynolds number apertures to reduce vortex, balanced flow field with the capacity to throttle and correct the flow, front and rear straight pipe sections decreased to 2D. Simultaneously, the AES metering system may be tuned to steam for real-time dynamic temperature and pressure full compensation to prevent or decrease steam energy loss due to temperature or pressure fluctuations and to increase overall steam energy measurement accuracy.

As a consequence, steam energy metering accuracy can be increased. A balanced flow meter has a flow measurement accuracy of up to 0.5% and is not impacted by steam pipeline vibration to impair measurement accuracy. Enhance long-term measurement stability and completely fulfill process control requirements. For the system error, simple, may be constructed in the field debugging, installation, decrease the effort on site, and leakage spots, and increase measurement accuracy.

1.3  Gas, Liquid Measurement

It may be utilized as a Compact balance flow meter, balance flow meter and valve group, and transmitter integration, and it can become a combination of the classic differential pressure flow measurement technology’s mode of change and innovation.

International high-end brand transmitters, valve sets, and throttle components in factory integrated assembly. Factory before the completion of the overall pressure and sealing test can limit the risks of leakage, and factory before the completion of the overall flow calibration can also assure the accuracy of the flow meter system. The BCST compact balancing flow meter is extremely stable and dependable, requiring no maintenance. If the flow meter has to be calibrated, it is simple to remove and reassemble.

2. The Advantages of a Balanced Flow Meter

2.1 High measurement accuracy.

The BCST balance flow sensor with multi-hole construction has a balanced flow field and decreases vortex and vibration to increase flow field stability. Sensor accuracy can range between 0.3% and 0.5%.Low straight pipe section requirements.

The balance flow sensor can balance the flow field and pressure recovery twice as fast as the traditional orifice plate and shorten the straight pipe section requirements; in most cases, the straight pipe section can be as small as 0.5D 2D, and using A + QMC balance flow meter can save a lot of straight pipe section.

Balanced flow meter

3. Minimal long-term pressure loss. 

At the same working circumstances, the BCST balance flow meter minimizes vortex formation and turbulent friction, resulting in less kinetic energy loss. When compared to standard throttling devices, the pressure loss near to the venturi is 70% less, lowering running expenses and making it an energy-saving instrument.

4. Wide range ratio.

As compared to a standard throttling device, the BCST balance flow meter dramatically improved the measurement range ratio. According to the demands of the actual application of industrial measurement, the traditional measuring range ratio of 10: 1 can be built 30: 1 or greater.

5. Repeatability and long-term stability.

The repeatability of the BCST balancing flow sensor may approach 0.1%. Furthermore, the BCST balancing flow meter has several flow holes to spread the force, no acute wear, and ideal long-term stability; the complete instrument has no moving parts, and the standard throttling device’s service life is prolonged by 5-10 times.

6. Dirt resistance should not be blocked.

The multi-hole symmetric BCST balancing design considerably minimizes turbulent shear and vortex generation, resulting in fewer dead zones. It reduces the possibility of blocked fluid holes by ensuring that the dirty medium is efficiently disseminated via several holes, giving a dependable and effective method for avoiding contamination.

7. The scope of the application. 

The BCST balanced flow meter can withstand pressures of up to 850 °C (42MPa). The optimum measurement effect for liquid gas can effectively avoid vaporization. The BCST balance flow meter can detect vapor-liquid two-phase flow, slurry, and even solid particles. Because the BCST balance flow meter is perfectly symmetrical left and right, measuring bidirectional flow is simple.

Balanced flow meters are used in a variety of sectors to successfully minimize diverse media flow measurements. Its high performance completely matches the process measurement demands, whether crucial measurements or problematic measurement spots. Moreover, flow, dependability, and maintenance-free operation have been validated by field instrumentation engineers, raising the prospect of more and better practical applications in biological engineering.

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