How Coriolis is Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry relies on high-purity liquid flow processes for upstream and downstream processing. Coriolis mass flow meter provides an effective solution for many pharmaceutical applications such as fluid transfer between skids, batch filling, feeding growth media, glucose, and other nutrients into bioreactors.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Here, we discuss the benefits of Coriolis mass flow meters to various pharmaceutical processes and how they can improve process reliability and accuracy. Coriolis meters provide accurate and repeatable measurements of mass, density, temperature, and volumetric flow rate. This helps to ensure that the process parameters remain within the set limits and that product quality is maintained. Moreover, Coriolis meters can be used in various applications in the pharma industry, such as quality assurance, process control, and inventory management.

1. Benefits of Coriolis Meters

1.1 Reliability and Repeatability.

When manufacturing drugs, accuracy and reproducibility are critical. That’s why it is essential to have a reliable, repeatable meter compatible with the various fluids involved in pharmaceutical processing. The Coriolis meter is the ideal solution due to its unique features and advantages. It offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, which makes it suitable for precise measurement of liquids in pharmaceutical processes. Additionally, its low-pressure drop makes it energy efficient, and it is also capable of measuring minimal flow rates with ease. Last but not least, its robust design ensures that it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it the perfect choice for pharmaceutical applications.

Coriolis flow meters are a type of flow measurement device that can provide high-accuracy measurements for various process fluids. They consist of a straight or bent tube with polished surfaces and no fabrication joints. In addition, the flow meters are not prone to leaks due to the absence of fabrication joints. Because of their repeatability and accuracy, Coriolis meters are capable of measuring a wide range of various process fluids.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

When choosing between straight and bent tube Coriolis meters, the primary considerations are sensitivity and drainability. Straight tubes are more drainable, while bent tubes are more sensitive. Therefore, straight tube meters are advantageous over bent tube meters for applications with high cleanliness standards and less stringent accuracy requirements.

Straight Coriolis meters have one significant advantage over bent Coriolis meters: they allow for cleaner readings when used in dirty environments. In addition, the straight design allows less resistance from foreign objects in your sample, which can help you get a better reading on your samples.

1.2 ASME BPE Compliance.

Pharmaceutical packages require excessive accuracy with a low chance of infection for procedure beverages and gases. Coriolis meters may be successfully designed to conform with ASME BPE requirements for drainability, which is crucial for sterilizing inline equipment. Since the fluid does not flow beyond any crevices and all surfaces are polished, Coriolis meters can be easily wiped clean and sterilized without disassembly – and there are few regions for unwelcome microorganisms or microbes to grow.

The use of Coriolis meters also provides an additional benefit: they are more likely to be cleaned thoroughly than other types of equipment because there is no need for disassembly.    This means the process can continue uninterrupted while cleaning takes place or parts are replaced without interruption in service or downtime during repairs or maintenance activities.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

1.3 Low Lifetime Cost and Highly Accurate.

Purchasing a Coriolis meter is typically more expensive than other types because of the precision required for accurate measurements. However, these meters are incredibly durable and require little maintenance, which leads to a much lower lifetime cost of ownership than many other types of meters available on the market today.

Coriolis meters are designed to use a wide range of fluids and process conditions. As a result, they can be used even as flow rates change without recalibration or reconfiguration. The meters also operate over a wide operating range, making them ideal for applications where precision is critical. Together, these features enable one Coriolis meter with minimal servicing costs for various applications.

2. Applications of Coriolis Meters in the Pharmaceutical Industry

2.1 Raw material handling.

Raw material handling can make a huge difference when measuring the accuracy of pharmaceutical processes.

Lower-accuracy methods are often used in smaller batches because there is less to go wrong. However, when batch sizes or SOP dictate higher accuracy measurement methods, Coriolis meters can easily flow and measure raw materials. Therefore, a lower-accuracy flow meter is also sufficient. However, Coriolis meters have the delivered advantage that their measurements aren’t suffering from modifications in float composition.

2.2 Water injection.

Water injection is a critical part of the production process for many industries. The water used to clean and disinfect skids between batches has high purity requirements, necessitating a meter that can be easily cleaned and sterilized. Additionally, flowing large amounts of water has the potential to lead to a lot of waste of both energy and the water itself – which leads to higher process costs. A higher-accuracy flow device can reduce waste and lower overall process costs. When it comes to water injection, a Coriolis system is both practical and efficient.

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2.3 Pill coatings.

Pill coatings require the accurate, repeatable application of small amounts of paint to pills and airflow monitoring to pill coaters. Coriolis meters can meet these various pill-finishing processes’ high-accuracy, low-flow requirements.

Pill coating is a process where parts are coated with a thin layer of paint that is applied by hand or machine. The coating needs to be very thin so that it does not affect the performance of the part. This is because the part may need to be used in an environment where contaminants (such as in a car engine) may be present.

Applying these coatings requires precision and accuracy, which is best achieved using a Coriolis meter with its high-accuracy readings and low flow rates.

2.4 Filling

Coriolis meters are a valuable technology in the pharmaceutical industry, but they’re not just for pharmaceutical. They’re more widely applicable than conductivity or viscosity meters. That’s because Coriolis meters function independently of these other properties without losing any precision—so they’re more reliable than other methods. In addition, they can measure flow by weight, volumetric flow, or electromagnetic flow meters. And because it’s simple to design Coriolis meters with hygienic connections and no crevices inside the device, they’re a helpful technology even in a downstream process.

3. BCST One-Stop Coriolis Flow Meter Solution

The BCST One-Stop Coriolis Flow Meter Solution is a highly accurate, reliable and versatile solution for flow measurement. It provides the best mass flow, density, and temperature measurement performance and calculates volume flow, total flow, and fluid composition in real-time. The BCST Coriolis flow meter can be used for the most complex and challenging environments, including liquid, gas, and slurry applications. It is widely used in industries of chemicals, food and beverage, oil and gas, power plant, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, and pharmaceuticals.

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