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BCST specializes in developing and manufacturing industrial temperature sensors and has been involved in the industrial temperature sensor industry at home and abroad for more than 20 years.

BCST has developed its technology and techniques to produce high accuracy, reliability, and stability in industrial temperature sensors.

BCST has two separate modern production plants with a total area of 30,000 sq. ft. BCST also has a full set of automated production equipment, complete with special testing equipment, to minimize outsourcing processes to ensure the quality of our products and deliver them to you on time. In addition, all of our products are produced by the EU RoHS directive and are environmentally friendly.


BCST’s industrial temperature sensor research center covers an area of 1700 square meters. It has more than 50 sets of test and analysis equipment and instruments.

BCST provides vital support and a reliable guarantee for the continuous improvement of product technology, process updates, performance, and quality because we have the confidence and ability to provide you with professional and reliable services and products.


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The BCST R&D team, with its tenacious and hard-working spirit, has developed a large number of new products, processes, tools, and equipment. In addition, they have a solid theoretical foundation in the academic field and a wealth of practical experience in the development of sensitive semiconductor components and related fields. Because of this, we can help you solve your problems and provide you with a complete set of solutions faster, better, and more thoroughly.

BCST has a wide range of products accurately classified into four categories: thermometers, temperature transmitters, RTDs, and thermocouples. However, you need to provide us with the corresponding parameters for specific products, and we can customize the production according to your requirements.

BCST has a wealth of experience in customer case studies. Firstly, our pre-sales staff will carefully communicate your requirements. They will then check with our specialist technical engineers to see if your requirements can be met. If this is possible, we will make a direct quotation for you. If any adjustments or corrections need to be made, we will communicate with you and explain why to ensure that your product is used more accurately and safely and in the hope of saving you more time and money.

BCST also has a professional production system and strict quality control to ensure the quality of our products to your specifications.

BCST’s industrial temperature sensors are used all over the world, in a wide range of industries such as aviation, aerospace, petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, water conservancy, universities, laboratories, metrology institutes, new energy, environmental protection, automation control, machinery manufacturing, and many more. So no matter what industry you are from, please provide us with the required requirements and customize a complete solution for you.

BCST’s goal has always been to produce the best industrial temperature sensors for you.

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