BCST JC-2001/JC-2001H Intelligent Split-type Online Concentration Monitor

Working Principle:

During the operation of JC-2001, the high-frequency vibration generated by the built-in motor has different vibration frequencies in liquid media with different densities and concentrations. The vibration frequency is detected by a piezoelectric crystal, which is then converted into a density concentration digital signal by a microprocessor through a phase shifting and amplification circuit; Usually, liquids with different concentrations exhibit a certain mathematical relationship between their density and concentration. According to the Lagrange interpolation algorithm (y=E1x3+E2x2+E3x+E4, where x is the density, y is the percentage concentration, and E1, E2, E3, and E4 are concentration conversion coefficients), the corresponding concentration value at a certain density is calculated.

Scope of Application:

  • Petrochemical industry (interface detection, multi-oil transportation pipeline): diesel, gasoline, ethylene, petroleum …… and so on.
  • Chemical industry: ethylene glycol, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chloroacetic acid, ammonia, methanol, ethanol, brine, sodium hydroxide, freezing liquid, sodium carbonate, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide …… and so on.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: drug solution, biological liquid, alcohol extraction, acetone, alcohol recovery …… etc.
  • Brewing, food and beverage industry: sugar water, fruit juice, brewing, cream …… and so on.
  • Environmental protection industry: desulfurization (lime slurry, gypsum slurry), denitrification (ammonia, urea), wastewater treatment mvr (acid, alkali, salt recovery) and so on.
  • Liquor, industrial alcohol, sterilization industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry in alcohol density and concentration measurement ……
  1. Plug and play, maintenance-free: flexible installation (installed in pipelines, tanks, reactors, storage tanks …), compact size, diverse installation methods, optional clamp / flange / threaded installation;
  2. Built-in 0-80 ℃ temperature compensation data database, temperature sensor and density probe integration, close to the measurement medium, to ensure that the temperature compensation is timely, accurate and reliable;
  3. Not affected by changes in the color of the medium, not easily affected by vibration, pressure changes;
  4. Built-in a variety of compensation coefficients, the user can customize the compensation value according to the site conditions, the factory comes with a calibration certificate, no need for on-site calibration, and do not need regular calibration;
  5. User-defined upper and lower limits of the alarm, touch screen input, easy to understand the operation, the scene can be connected to the alarm light;
  6. Multi-group signal analog output: optional 4-20mA, RS485/232 digital, switching, easy for customers to integrate control, improve the degree of automation, improve production efficiency;
  7. Using 4.3-inch touch screen human-computer interaction interface, simple and atmospheric, the display is more detailed, convenient to operate, expandable, can be customized according to user needs interface and functions;
  8. Data is automatically saved, easy to query: historical data query, generate historical data curves, quick query, export EXCEL, automatic data analysis and summarization, data retention period of 12 months, easy to traceability (optional JC-LST historical data storage function is required);
  9. Support sqlite database, can store up to 16G of historical data, data can be exported to computer via USB flash disk or transmitted to PLC, PC, DCS and other upper computer systems in real time via wireless teleportation function; remote view of real-time status, historical records and alarms via PC. (Optional JC-LOT data acquisition system is required);
  10. Continuous measurement, rapid feedback, eliminating manual testing errors, no longer need to manually test frequent sampling, saving a lot of manpower and financial resources to ensure data consistency, improve product quality;
  11. The use of intelligent chip, running without reagents and consumables, low power consumption, high stability, long service life.

Product Model

JC-2001 JC-2001H
Measurement items Density g/cm³, Temperature °C, Concentration %, Baume Degree °Bé
Density range 0-2.0g/cm³
Concentration range 0-100%
Resolution 0.001g/cm³, 0.1℃, 0.1%, 0.1°Bé 0.0001g/cm³, 0.1℃, 0.01%, 0.01°Bé
Measurement accuracy ±0.002g/cm³, 0.1℃, 0.25%, 0.25°Bé ±0.0005g/cm³, 0.1℃, 0.1%, 0.1°Bé
Process temperature range -30℃~120℃
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation, 0-80℃
Material of key parts Hastelloy alloy / 316L / PTFE / Ceramics / Titanium alloy
Connections Flange / Thread / Chuck / Wall-mounted input type
Input power supply 24V DC
Signal output 4-20mA four-wire system (telecommunications) / RS485/232 digital volume / Switching value (abnormal alarm, upper and lower limit 2 outputs)
Protection class IP65
Pressure range ≤6.3MPa
Viscosity 0-2000cP (For higher viscosity, please select MAY-2001S)
Electrical interface Probe interface: M12*1.5, display controller interface: M16*1.5
Explosion-proof grade  Ex ia IIB T6 Ga
Net weight ≈1050g ≈1250g
Mounting options Flange Tee with Window / Probe sheath (for filtering large particles)
Other options JC-LST Historical Data Storage Function / JC-LOT Data Remote Transmission Module
Special Scale Non-standard customization, data modeling according to customer needs


Schematic Diagram of the Workflow


JC-2001 Flange Model Installation Reference Diagram (flange specifications and probe length can be customized):

flange specificationsprobe length

Threaded/1.5″ Chuck Mounting Dimension Drawing (with sheath):Threaded Chuck Mounting JC-Y11 Chuck Curved Base Dimensions drawing:MAY-Y11 Dimensional Drawing
JC-2001 Display Controller Dimensional Drawing (flush-mounting optional):wall mounted display controlembedded display controller JC-2001EX Explosion-proof model Display Controller Dimension Diagram:MAY-2001EX

Note: This protocol is only for the external output of the display controller.

A、Default communication parameters: 9600, 8, None, 1, address: 1 (decimal), can be modified through the [Communication Parameters] parameter item itself

B、Register Description:

Register Name Register Address Length (characters) Evidence Type Read/Write Clarification
Density: 0001 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only Unit: nd
Concentration: 0002 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only Units: %、Brix
Temperature: 0003 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only Unit: ℃
Operational status code: 0004 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only 0.for testing

1.for stopping test

C、Readout routines (supports 03 and 04 function codes):

Host sends: 01 03 00 02 00 02 65 CB (also requesting concentration, temperature)

Data return: 01 03 04 00 19 01 0E 6B 95,Where: from 00 19 01 0E four bytes to parse out the integer for 25, 270, each divided by 10, that is, to get the actual concentration, the temperature value of 2.5%, 27.0℃

The above data can be tested by ModScan software (if the user does not have the software, please download it from the Internet), the test data in the following figure, the results of the four registers returned are: 13360, 25, 270, 0; the device operation status code is: 0. The returned data are 16-bit unsigned integer, according to the type of each kind of data, please divide it by the corresponding multiplier.

A. Outside Tank Circulation Installation (Recommended):

Outside Tank Circulation Installation

B. Bypass Piping Installation (Recommended)

Bypass Piping Installation2

Mains Direct Installation

(This installation is not maintenance friendly, ensuring that the site is suitable for this installation, otherwise it is not recommended).

Mains Direct Installation


Tank In-line Installation (This installation is not maintenance friendly, ensure that the site is suitable for this installation and that the liquid in the tank does not build up easily; if there is an agitator, avoid the agitation device touching the probe).Tank In-line Installation

installation 1installationAlcoholcontent clamp mounting with tee

BCST Online Concentration Monitor
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