JC-217 On-site Display Temperature Transmitter

The JC-217 on-site display temperature transmitter is used for the input of resistance temperature detector (RTD) signal and thermocouple (TC) signal and two-wire analog signal output (4−20mA).

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Technical parameters


Input Signal RTD and TC
Scope of Cold Junction Compensation Temperature -20−70℃
Compensation Accuracy ±1℃
Output Signal 4−20mA (The input and output are not isolated.)
Load Resistance RL ≤ (Ue-12)/0.021
Output Current for Upper/Lower Limit Overflow Alarm IH=21mA、IL=3.8mA

IH=21mA and IL=3.8mA

Output Current for Input Break Alarm 21mA
Power Supply
Power Supply Voltage DC12−40V
Other Parameters
Thermal Drift 0.01%FS/℃
Response Time 700ms, reaches 90% of the final value.
Environment Temperature -20−70℃
Protection Class IP65, anti-dust and anti-spray
Connection M27×2 internal thread
EMC Comply with the industry equipment application requirements in GB/T18268 (IEC 61326-1).

Input Type and Transmission Accuracy:

Model Symbol Signal Type Measurement Range Minimum Measurement Range Range Scope Transfer Accuracy
Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Pt100 Pt100 -199.9−850.0℃ 10℃ ≤100℃ 0.2%
>100℃ 0.1%
Cu50 -50.0−150.0℃ 10℃ ≤100℃ 0.2%
>100℃ 0.1%
Thermocouple (TC) B 400−1800℃ 500℃ ≤300℃ 0.2%
>300℃ 0.1%
E -100−1000℃ 50℃ ≤300℃ 0.2%
>300℃ 0.1%
J -100−1200℃ 50℃ ≤300℃ 0.2%
>300℃ 0.1%
K -180−1372℃ 50℃ ≤300℃ 0.2%
>300℃ 0.1%
N -180−1300℃ 50℃ ≤500℃ 0.2%
>500℃ 0.1%
R -50−1768℃ 500℃ ≤500℃ 0.2%
>500℃ 0.1%
S -50−1768℃ 500℃ ≤500℃ 0.2%
>500℃ 0.1%
T -200−400℃ 50℃ ≤500℃ 0.2%
>500℃ 0.1%


0−2315℃ 500℃ ≤500℃ 0.2%
>500℃ 0.1%


0−2310℃ 500℃ ≤500℃ 0.2%
>500℃ 0.1%

1. Environment temperature for measuring the above accuracy is 20℃±2℃.
2. The output accuracy “%” is the allowance of the set range scope.
3. When measuring the TC, the allowance of cold junction compensation should be considered. The internal allowance of cold junction compensation is smaller than or equal to ±1℃.






Button Descriptions:

Set button (M) Used for switching among menu parameters. After modifying and saving the menu, press and hold the button back to the measurement value screen.
Decrease button (S) Used for decreasing or modifying the current flickering position. Press and hold the button to move the modification position to the right.
Increase button (Z) Used for increasing or modifying the current flickering position. Press and hold the button to move the modification position to the left.



In the work status, press and hold the Set button for 5 seconds to display the unlock symbol (LOC); Make LOC=1 and press the Set button to enter the menu. Press the Set button to change parameters and then press the Increase or Decrease button to modify parameter values.

Symbol Parameter Range Scope Description Factory Default
Loc 0−50000 Electronic lock 0
Sn Refer to the input type list. Sensor type Pt100
Unit ℃, F, R, K Temperature unit

℃: Celsius temperature

F: Fahrenheit temperature

R: Rankine temperature

K: thermodynamic temperature

Filt 0−4 Damping coefficient 0
oPL -199.9−6300.0 Lower range limit -199.9
oPH -199.9−6300.0 Upper range limit 6300.0
PB -199.9−200.0 Measurement value transfer (zero-point) 0
PK 0.0000−1.9999 Measurement value transfer (gain) 1.0000
T-PB -199.9−200.0 Modification of cold junction temperature 0
Fout 3.800−21.000 Fault output current 21.000
diR 0−1 Current output direction

diR=0: output 4−20mA

diR=1: output 20−4mA

FiX 0.000−21.000 Constant current output: if the set value range is less than 3.800−21.000, the output is fixed based on the set value and is independent of the measurement. 0.000

Structure Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Instrument Model

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