JC 38 Series Precision Digital Thermometer

JC 38 Series Precision Digital Thermometer is a precise thermometer, which could replace mercury glass tube liquid (LIG) thermometers.

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months

JC 38 Series’ temperature measurement range is -80~ 450 ℃. It also can be used as a standard reference thermometer for other types of digital or analog thermometers.

1.The product probe contains a rapid reaction high-precision temperature sensor, the probe size is φ 6×500mm. It can measure temperature quickly and accurately. The minimum immersion depth is 80mm


3.The display module can move horizontally or vertically

4.USB or wireless data transmission function, which can transfer data to a PC.

5.Equipped with thermometer management software, which can support 32 digital thermometers to collect data simultaneously

6.Unique function- temperature trend indicator; You can configure the arrows to see if the measurements displayed are stable enough

7.Temperature data automatic record function

8.Automatic backlight turn-off function. The battery only needs to be charged one time each month for most users. (The actual charging cycle is related to the usage frequency and usage function)

9.Automatic shutdown function. The automatic shutdown time can be set by users

10.The measured temperature value and its corresponding internal platinum resistance value can be displayed simultaneously.

11.Temperature unit: ℃、℉、K

12.Resolution rate : 0.1, 0.001, 0.0001 for option

13.Rechargeable Lithium battery. The recharging port is Type-C

14.Low power consumption. The battery could be used continuously for 300 hours

15.Battery power indication function

16.Can be traced to other temperature standard instruments.

17.Zero point(Basic point)mark function, mark the current temperature as Zero point(Basic point), then the followed measured temperature value is related temperature based on zero point.

18.Over temperature warning function

Note: When stirring fluid heating source, the max immersion depth of probe must be 50mm less than the whole length

Mode; Measurement Temp Range Accuracy
JC38B-180 -60℃~180℃ ±0.05℃
JC38C-180 ±0.1℃
JC38B-300 -80℃~300℃ ±0.05℃
JC38C-300 ±0.1℃
JC38B-450 -80℃~450℃ ≤ 300℃:±0.05℃;≥ 300℃:±0.15℃


  • The standard probe size is φ6×500mm, other customized diametersand lengths must be informed when ordering
  • Measurement temperature ranges shall be customized.
  • Package:Aluminum box(JC38B), carton box+ form packing(JC38C)

1.Key Function

Long press for 2s to turn on/off instrument; Short click to control the backlight to turn on/off manually
The set operation, group number switch, etc
Choose and switch function
Choose and switch function
Lock, record, delete function

2.Set Function

In the setting interface, multiple settings can be set. Please see the detail setting items and their corresponding setting content as below:

No Setting item Parameter
Automatic backlight setting (LIGHt) OFF、25、50、75、100(brightness percent )
Sample rate (SPEEd) 0.5、1.0、2.0
Decimal digits(dEcin) 0.1、0.01、0.001
Unit setting (uint) ℃、℉、K
The interval of records (r-t) 5、10、30、60、120、300、600(unit S)
Alarm types setting (ALAr) OFF(turn off alarm )、H(upper limit alarm )、L(lower limit alarm)、ON(upper and lower limit alarm )
upper limit alarm (ALAr-H) Values can be set
lower limit alarm(ALAr-L) Values can be set
Wireless setting (conn) OFF、On (IP address  and COM port can be set through USB communication port
Address (Addr) 1-99
Filter(Filt) OFF、2、5、10
Trend Set(trend) 0.01、0.1、1.0  or 10.0(time sample window )
Auto Power off (Auto) OFF、time

3.Data Record Function

The digital thermometer can record a total of 16 groups of data, each group can record a maximum of 8192 numbers. All the data will not be less than 116384. When recorded data is out of this range, this instrument will delete the  first data group automatically and record the new one.

When deleting the current data group, the screen will flicker to avoid  misoperation. I confirm, press   button, otherwise, press   to exit the deletion interface and back to record interface.

Long press setting button in the main interface, if the warning signs flicker, it indicates that there is no data recorded and fail to enter into the data record interface.



Operation Structure JC 38 Series Precision Digital Thermometer Operation Structure JC 38 Series Precision Digital Thermometer

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