JC 706 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator

JC 706 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator is generated pressure up to 2500bar to calibrate high-pressure instruments against a standard gauge.

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months

JC 706 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator is fitted with a hand pump which could quickly pressurize to the whole system; perfectly integrated operation of hand pump helps the user to accomplish high-pressure points calibration, closing Shut off valve during pre-pressurizing 150bar to get high-pressure ranges. The lead screw adjusts the exact pressure values in the process. A specially designed transparent oil cup marks the balance of the working medium. It widely calibrates pressure gauges in the laboratory.

  • It has a secondary oil filter and a settler. The waste oil can be filtered. Stainless steel and easy operation.
  •  The transparent oil cup could mark the balance of the working medium.

Generated pressure range: (0~2500)bar

Adjust resolution: 0.01bar(1kPa)

Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminium for the body;

Stainless steel for outputs;

Buna-N for seals

Package: Plywood case

Weight: 25kg

JC 706 Hydraulic Comparator

  1. Output

There are two outputs. one is designed for standard gauge, the other for gauge under test.

  1. Relievevalve

To open it anti-clockwise during pre-pressure and close it clockwise when increasing pressure secondary. Open it during loop calibration.

  1. Ventilationnut

Unscrew the nut before using; tighten it up during storage and transport.

  1. Shut-offvalve

Cut off the connection between the pressure regulation system & the oil cup.

  1. Handpump

Turn the hand pump up and down repeatedly to generate pressure. The hand pump will realize the pre-pressing function.

  1. Oilcup

Store 25#transformer oil, turn the top cover anti-clockwise to change or fill oil.

  1. Zerovalve

To close it anti-clockwise during pressurizing and open it to release all pressure after finishing tests.


To realize the fine adjustment of the pressure value. (Turning in clockwise to increase pressure).

Working principle JC 706 Hydraulic Comparator

JC706 is composed of a hand pump, lead screw, shut-off valve, relieve valve, zero valve, oil cup, and outputs, etc. Supply pressure by hand pump, and control the shut-off valve, zero valves and relieve valve to pre-pressurize for

pipeline ①. Then close the relief valve and open the shut-off valve, pressurize for pipeline ② with a hand pump. That can realize pressure increasing secondly. Adjust the lead screw to reach the desired point more accurately.

There may be some faults of JC706 mentioned below after long-term use, the maintainer can analyze and eliminate problems by these methods. Make sure to release all pressure from the system. It is forbidden to disassemble and repair the product with pressure.

1. If this equipment will be idle for a long time, please turn the lead screw clockwise till it could not move anymore, and put on the plugs. Provide pressure about 2bar, close shut-off valve, zero valves and relieve valve, then tighten the ventilation nut.

2. If JC706 needs to take long-distance transport, please put on all plugs to prevent leakage of oil. It is necessary to pack with a plywood case.

3. Replace working medium regularly.

4. The working medium is 25#transformer oil or any oil that can be used for calibrating gauges.

JC 706 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator

How to install JC 706 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator


A. Take pressure gauge 2500bar as example(The calibration points:0bar 500bar 1000bar 1500bar 2000bar 2500bar). Please fill the working medium (25#transformer oil) before calibration. The oil position should be at least 2/3 of the whole oil cup.

B. Put HS706 on the level. unscrew ventilation nut. Remove the plug of the outputs, connect the standard gauge and the gauge under test to the two output ports separately with wrenches. it must be firm in place. Otherwise, it will be leaked.

C. Rotate lead screw to its middle position. Open relieve valve anticlockwise, make sure to close shut-off valve and zero valves.

D. Record 0bar record. Providing pressure about 150bar by turning hand pump up and down and stop pre-pressure.

E. Close relieve valve, then open shut-off valve anti-clockwise. Increase pressure by a hand pump to make the value of standard gauge close to 500bar, adjust the lead screw to get the exact value.

F. Use the hand pump and lead screw to get other calibration points. Pressure rising & stabilize to 1000bar,1500bar,2000bar,2500bar in turn.meanwhile,record the data.

G. Loop calibration: Decrease pressure by opening relieve valve slowly, and adjust the lead screw to get exact values. Record the data when the pressure stabilizes on 2000bar,1500bar,1000bar,500bar, and so on.

H. Then open the zero valve and release all pressure, change gauge under test and calibrate next one.


  1. Hold the lead screw, turn in and out to complete fine adjustment.
  2. Please put on the plugs after all the tests have been finished.


  1. There must be no pressure in the system when removing the pressure gauge.
  2. Replace the O-rings regularly.
  3. The working media of the item is oil, please don’t mix any other liquid.
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