JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Comparator

JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Comparator adopts advanced stainless steel, with bench-top structure and designed to generate pressure range up to 700bar.

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The sliding block structure for screw pump design makes the high-pressure operation easier and saves labor, and saves operation space without screw outside. The special F-adjust valve adjusts the exact pressure value and calibrates 2.5bar pressure instruments. The detachable oil cup is easy to clean and maintain, checking work medium timely from outside.3pcs outputs with quick coupling make it calibrated pressure instruments together. The widely calibrates pressure instrument in the laboratory.

  •  Adopts advanced stainless steel,bench-top structure.
  •  Detachable oil cup is easy to clean and maintenance.
  •  Fast connection, quick pressurizing, and easy operation.
  •  It is used for calibrating all kinds of oil gauges.

Model: JC810 Hydraulic comparator.

Generated pressure range:(0~600)bar, (0~700)bar.

Working media: 25#transformer oil.

Adjust resolution:0.001bar(0.1kPa).

Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminium for the body; Stainless steel.

for outputs; Buna-N for seals.

Package: Specialized cartons and foam wrap.

Dimensions: 430L×330W×170H(mm).

Weight: 14.9kg.

JC 810 Hydraulic Comparator

  1. Output

Increase pressure by turning the lead screw clockwise, decrease pressure by turning the lead screw anti-clockwise.

  1. Ventilationnut

Tighten it up when not in use, it could prevent oil-leaking by blocking the output.

  1. F-adjustvalve

To realize the fine adjustment of the pressure value. (Turning in clockwise to increase pressure)


Unscrew the nut before using; tighten it up during storage and transport.

  1. Plugs

There are three outputs. It could calibrate two gauges once.

  1. Handpump

Have to close before pressure generation(clockwise). Slowly open it to relieve the pressure(anti-clockwise).

  1. Relievevalve

Generate pressure by running the handle up and down repeatedly, to realize pre-pressure.

  1. Oilcup

The container is used for the working medium, it can be take off anti-clockwise from the hand pump.

  1. Shut-offvalve

Cut off the connection between the hand pump & lead screw.



Working principle JC 810 Hydraulic Comparator

JC 810 is composed of a hand pump, lead screw, F-adjust valve, relieve valve, shut-off valve, oil cup, and outputs, etc. The pressure gauge can be installed quickly, and easily repressurized by running the hand pump up and down, then compress the working medium by turning the lead screw clockwise(anti-clockwise), which could realize the pressure increasing(decreasing)secondary. Adjust the F-adjust valve to reach the desired point more accurately.

JC810 provides pressure measurement for calibrating pressure (differential pressure)transmitter, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge, and other pressure instruments. It can be extensively used in power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, military industry, etc.

JC 810 Hydraulic Comparator

How to install JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Comparator


A. Take pressure gauge 250bar(25Mpa) as an example. (The calibration points: 0 bar 50bar 100bar 150bar 200bar 250bar). Please fill the working medium (25 transformer oil) from the vent before calibration. The oil position should be at least 2/3 of the whole oil cup. Open the ventilation nut as in the picture below.

B. Put JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator on the level. Turn the relief valve and shut-off valve anti-clockwise to open them, unscrew the ventilation nut. Remove the plug of the output connect the standard gauge and the gauge under test to outputs.

JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Calibrator

C. Set F-adjust valve to the mid-position, and for lead screw, turn out.

JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Comparator

D. Record 0bar record, and close the relieve valve: Providing pressure 20bar by turning hand pump up and down stop pre-pressure.

JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Comparator

E. Close shut-off valve clockwise. Rotate the Lead screw clockwise and adjust the F-adjust valve to get exact valves. Pressure rising &stabilize to 50bar, 100bar, 150bar, 200bar in turn, meanwhile, record the date.

JC 810 Hydraulic Pressure Pump Comparator


  1. Hold the lead screw, turn in and out to complete fine adjustment.
  2. Run the hand pump up-down slowly&slightly, to pre-pressurize the (15~20)bar. 3. Please put on the plugs after all the tests have been finished.
  3. The above pictures are just for reference.


  1. There must be no pressure in the system when removing the pressure gauge.
  2. Replace the O-rings regularly.
  3. The working media is oil. Plus, don’t mix with other liquids.


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