JC1216 Pressure Controller(Dual Set Point)

The controller adopts a spring tube type sensor, which can be used for corrosive gas and liquid medium, and the setting value of the controller is adjustable, and the adjustment range is 1 ~ 40MPa.

 The controller has a large pressure control range, high control accuracy, and small switching difference, two sets of micro-switch switching values can be set separately

 The sensor of the controller is suitable for corrosive media (gas or liquid).

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months
Working Viscosity ≤400 mm2/s
Switching Element Micro switch (Group 2)
Enclosure Protection Level IP65
Ambient Temperature -25℃~55℃
Medium Temperature 0℃~88℃
Installation Position At will
Anti-Vibration Performance Max 10 m/s2
Repeatability Error ≤ 1%
Contact Capacity V max=380VAC  I max=6A (resistive)  P max=600VA

Switching Difference Is Not Adjustable

Set Value


Range Mpa


Difference Is Not Greater Than  Mpa

Maximum Allowable Pressure





Pressure Sensor Materials Interface Male Thread Dimensions Drawing Number
1~10 0.20 15 60 316L G1/2″ 01
1~16 0.32 20
2~25 0.50 32
2~40 0.80 50

Note: ① In actual operation, even brief pressure peaks should not exceed this value.

【Example】:The controller with the set value adjustment range of 2~40MPa is required to send a contact signal when the pressure of one set of micro switch rises to 26MPa (upper switching value) and another set of micro switch rises to 35MPa (upper switching value) to send a contact signal, the operation steps are as follows:

  1. Screw the product into the threaded interface of the pressure calibration table, pay attention to the flat part of the sensor that must be clamped with a wrench to absolutely preventrelative rotation of the switch housing and the sensor;
  2. Open the cover, connect the cable through the cable connector to the terminal board, and the other end of the cable to the two sets of indicators, located abovethe adjusting screw (with blue dial) adjusted microswitch is mounted on the inner side with terminal numbers 1-2-3, and the micro switch adjusted by the lower adjusting screw (with red dial) is mounted on the outside and its terminals are numbered 4-5-6;
  3. Increase the pressure to 26MPa, which can be read from a standard manometer, and then turn the upper adjustment screw counterclockwise to increase the set value.Then, turn the upper adjustment screw counterclockwise so that the set value changes from small to large until the switch contact switches at 26MPa,the pressure is then increased to 35MPa, and the value is also read in the standard manometer,turn the lower adjusting screw counterclockwise to change the set value from small to large until the switch contact switches at 35MPa. It should be noted that the second setting value will have a slight effect on the first setting value (especially if the second setting value differs significantly), therefore, the fine adjustment of the first setpoint should be repeated again so that it is set at the desired setpoint;
  1. Adjust the pressure of the pressure calibration table, so that the pressure in 26 ~ 35MPachange back and forth, check whether the switching value of the contact is 26MPa and 35MPa when the pressure rises , these two values are the set up switch value, the corresponding lower switching value should be 25.4MPa (about) and 34.4MPa (about).

Pressure Controller(Dual Set Point)1

  1. Selection of the controller, the best to make the scheduled set value is located in the middle of the controller set value adjustment range, generally for the adjustment 20% to 80% of the adjustment range;
  2. If the controller is to be installed outdoors, sufficient protection should be given to avoid the effects of drastic changes in ambient temperature, direct sunlight, corrosive gases or water infiltration, etc;
  3. When installing the cable, the compression nut at the cable introduction should be tightened to avoid loosening of the cable and to effectively prevent the infiltration of water and other liquids, etc.
  4. The on/off current cannot be greater than the contact capacity.
  5. Pay special attention when mounting (or dismounting) the controller: the flat part of the sensor must be held with a wrench to absolutely prevent relative rotation of the sensor and the switch housing.

Pressure Controller(Dual Set Point)

Electrical Wiring Diagram

The process of single knife double-throw micro switch action.

Wiring terminal 1-2,4-5 pressure rise to the upper switching value is switched on;

Wiring terminal 1-3,4-6 pressure rise to the upper switching value disconnect

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