JCTXTS1 Smart Temperature Switch

 The temperature sensing element of the TXTS1 intelligent temperature switch is different from the mechanical thermal expansion and contraction principle, but uses a high precision RTD as the temperature sensing sensor commonly used in temperature transmitters, together with a collection of high precision industrial circuit components.

Fields Of Application

Pumps and compressors            Water treatment system

Electromechanical automation       Construction machinery

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems     Medical equipment

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months
Basic Parameters
Power Supply DC24V±5%
Measurement Range 0~150℃
Settable Range 20%FS-80%FS
Overload 180%FS
Display 4 Digital LCD
Accuracy 0.5%FS
Repeatability Error ≤0.3%FS
Temperature Drift ≤0.1%FS
Enclosure Protection Class IP54
Output Method
Type SPDT switching output
Action Life >1 million times
Response Time Action time:15ms Release time:8ms
Process Connection Stainless steel 304# M20×1.5(Regular)
Length Of Insertion Depth And Tube Diameter Stainless steel 304# Insert depth 100 Tube diameter Φ8 (Regular)
Environmental Conditions
Media Temperature -50-300℃
Ambient Temperature -25-80℃
JCTXTC3 – X XX XX . XX X X . XX                                                57      A B  C    D  E F   G
Note: Special Requirements To Be Specified At The Time Of Contracting
A: Power Supply
Code Power Supply
1 DC24V
B: Sensor type
Code Sensor Type
PT PT100 Platinum RTD
C: Measurement Range
Code Measurement Range Code Measurement Range Code Measurement Range
A1 0-100℃ A2 0-150℃ A3 0-200℃
A4 0-250℃ A5 0-300℃ A6 0-160℃
A7 -10-100℃ A8 -50-100℃ A9 -50-250℃
B1 -40-80℃ B2 -40-200℃ B3 0-50℃
B4 -10-200℃ B5 -20-240℃ B6 -40-120℃
D: Logic Output
Code Logic Output
30 One way relay (DC24V/AC250V, 3A max)
31 Two way relay (DC24V/AC250V, 3A max)
E: Output Type
Code Output Type
0 Active output (only PNP output can be selected)
4 On/off signal
F:Analogue Output
Code Analogue Output
N /
B 4-20MA
G:Process Connection
Code Process Connection
54 M27*2 External insertion depth 100, diameter Φ10 (stainless steel 304#)
62 M27*2 External insertion depth 200, diameter Φ10 (stainless steel 304#)
66 M27*2 External insertion depth 100, diameter Φ8(stainless steel 304#)
79 M20*1.5 External insertion depth 100, diameter Φ8(stainless steel 304#)
82 G1/2″ External insert depth 100, diameter Φ8 (stainless steel 304#)
88 NPT1/2 External insertion depth 150, diameter Φ8 (stainless steel 304#)

Note: If with analogue output, up to one logic output is optional.

  1. Setting instructions

Smart Temperature Switch1

①Setting value: Temperature value at which the switch operates.

②Start output state: oN for display temperature lower than set value switch closed; oFF for display temperature higher than set value switch closed.

③Delay value: delay value = set value – reset value, i.e. switching difference.

Smart Temperature Switch2

  1. Specific setting value When entering the interface of starting value setting and delay value setting, press▶.
  2. one of the 4 or 4-digit digital display is flashing, press uto cycle through the flashing bits, press ▲ to cycle through the 0-9 values, press ← to complete the setting.

Smart Temperature Switch4

①Wiring with electricity is strictly forbidden.

②Opening the panel is strictly forbidden.

③Good grounding.

④Wiring should be done according to the instructions.

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