JCWTZK-50-C Marine Pressure Temperature Controller

 The controller uses a sensor with capillary temperature package type.

 It can be used for gas, steam and other gases that have no corrosive effect on copper and copper alloy medium or liquid medium.

 The setting value of the controller is adjustable, and the adjustment range is -60~170℃.

 JCWTZK-50-C adopts cast aluminum housing and is waterproof type. The controller meets marine conditions.

 JCWTZK-50 adopts phenolic pressed plastic powder shell, and is a general type.

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months
Ambient Temperature Please check specification table
Enclosure Protection Level JCWTZK-50-C: IP44   JCWTZK-50: P40
Anti-Vibration Performance


JCWTZK-50-C :2~25Hz 1.6mm

25~100Hz 40m/s2

JCWTZK-50 10 ~60Hz 0.075mm

60~150Hz 10m/s2



Contact Capacity AC 380V 3A (resistive)

DC 220V 2.5A (resistive)


Repeatability Error Please check specification table
Mounting Position JCWTZK-50-C Tilt 22.5° in each direction can work normally.

JCWTZK-50 Tilt 10° in each direction can work normally.

(The following table serial number 5-10 each specification temperature package should be installed as far as possible with the lower wall of the shell in the same

A horizontal position, in order to reduce the additional error caused by the liquid column.)

Capillary Length 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12m (serial number 5 in the table below is 8m) when ordering

capillary length must be specified.

Switching Difference Is Adjustable

No. Set Value Adjustment

Switching Difference Range


Ambient Temperature

Set Value Error


Repeatability Error

1 -60~-30






4 2
2 -40~-10


3°C above the controlled temperature and not less than -25℃ up to 55℃ 2
3 -25~0


4 -15~15


5 10~40


6 40~80


-25 to 3°C below controlled temperature, to maximum of 55°C

up to 55°C

7 60~100




3 3
8 80~120


9 110~150




10 130~170


Controller set value adjustment steps are illustrated as follows:

【Example】: Select -15 ~ 15 ℃ specifications of the temperature controller, the requirement to control a cold storage temperature is maintained in the range of -8 ~ -5 ℃.

Specific operation steps are as follows.

  1. temperature package fixed in the warehouse, the controller is installed outside the warehouse instrument panel, capillary tube should be fixed section by section, with wires to connect the controller into the power control circuit of the freezer motor;
  2. rotate the set value adjustment lever, make the pointer indicates on the scale scale -8 ℃. This value is the lowerswitching value;
  3. when the temperature drops to -8 ℃, the controller switch should automatically switch the chiller, when the chiller stop the temperature back up, repeatedly adjust the switch difference Knob, makethe temperature of the library back up to the switching value of -5 ℃, the controller switch switch, until the freezer start again.
  1. Open the meter cover and install the controller vertically on the meter, it is strictly forbidden to pluck the arm by hand or collide with tools to prevent changing the performance:
  2. remove the lock nut, rotate the adjusting lever, make the pointer point to the desired control temperature setting value, tighten the lock nut;
  3. rotate the switching difference knob to obtain the required switching difference;
  4. temperature package capillary: temperature package should be fully immersed in the controlled medium, the surrounding medium should be kept flowing evenly temperature,Capillary tube bending arc radius of not less than 50mm, every 300mm should be fixed to the capillary tube card on the instrument panel.No.1-4 capillary tube through the ambient temperature should be higher than the set temperature 3 ℃;No.6-7 ambient temperature should be lower than the set temperature of less than 3 ℃;No.9-10 ambient temperature should be higher than 5 ℃, installation and use to prevent mechanical collision and the pressure transfer capillary tube flattening;
  5. check whether the installation is correct, install the meter cover and turn on the power. The controller should be calibrated periodically according to the use of the controller.


  1. the controller pointer indication value is the set value, is the lower switching value, the set value adjustment range is the lower switching value adjustment range;
  2. The number on the switch difference knob only indicates the switch value and not the actual value, the actual value should be read from the standard table.
  3. to control the temperature does not exceed a given pressure value ( the upper switching value), the pointer should be adjusted at a position one switching difference (lower switching value) lower than this given value, and after the adjustment is completed, after adjustment, do not turn the switch difference knob again;
  4. the switching difference adjustment range given in the specification table is the minimum adjustment range guaranteed, the actual range can be slightly wider than the value listed in the table.

JCWTZK-50-C Marine Pressure Temperature Controller2

JCWTZK-50 type pressure type temperature controller (No.1~4)

JCWTZK-50-C Marine Pressure Temperature Controller1

JCWTZK-50 type pressure type temperature controller (No.5~10)

JCWTZK-50-C type pressure type temperature controller (No.1~10)

Note: The length at No.5* is 200

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