Jinhu County Instrumentation Industry Employee Skills Competition

On December 27, 2023, the Youth Vocational Skills Competition of Jinhu County Instrumentation Industry Employee Skills Competition came to an end in Jinhu. Jiechuang employees Hou Xiannian and Wang Zhaming won the first prize in the company group with the total score of first and second place respectively; employees Wu Zairean and Shi Yongchang won the first prize in the Jinhu County group with the total score of first and second place respectively.

The competition was jointly organized by the Communist Youth League Jinhu County Committee and BCST, and 44 players from 22 enterprise units in the county competed on the same stage to show the style of workers.

Instrumentation Industry Employee Skills Competition

Instrumentation maintenance workers race practice mainly includes instrumentation installation and commissioning, industrial instrumentation automatic control training system 2 modules. a module mainly examines the player industrial instrumentation system design, instrumentation installation, wiring and tuning and other related capabilities; B module is mainly a comprehensive examination of the process piping set up and control system wiring, automation instrumentation parameter setting and tuning, system programming configuration and commissioning. The competition involves a wide range of content, strong comprehensiveness, high difficulty, comprehensive test players instrumentation system design and programming configuration and operation capabilities.

 Instrumentation Industry Employee Skills Competition

The company attaches great importance to this competition, held a special preparatory meeting, and actively coordinated with various departments to do a good job in the tournament security work. The participating staff of the company had firm confidence, clear tasks, hard training, full preparation for the competition, and obtained excellent results, and won the honor for BCST.

As a next step, the college will adhere to the competition for teaching, competition for learning, competition for building, competition for integration, deepen the integration of industry and education, promote enterprise Y industry cooperation, cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship, continuously improve the skill level of employees, cultivate more high-level and high-quality technical and skilled personnel, continue to strengthen the construction and reform of high-end chemical-related specialties, and serve the regional high-quality development.

Instrumentation Industry Employee Skills Competitio                 Instrumentation Industry Employee Skills Competitio


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