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  • Easy installation.
  • Great for measuring high viscous liquids.
  • Ideal for sludge and slurries.
  • Chemical compatibility.
  • Works well in liquids with floating solids or coating liquids.
  • Unaffected by specific gravity changes of the liquid.
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BCST level meter is an instrument that provides constant level measurement. It is used to determine the level of a certain liquid at any given time.

With a variety of different level measuring devices, it is easy to be confused about which type would be best suited for a particular application.

But no worries, BCST will provide you with the best level meter in the market today.

BCST has specialized in the research and development of level meters. We have CE, SIL2, explosion-proof certificates.

BCST has a professional team specializing in level meter manufacturing.

Overall there are vast options and ways to measure fluid level.

To avoid confusion and costly installation,  please contact us for more information.

BCST your One-Stop Level Meter Solution in China

BCST level meter is widely used to measure liquids heights, it can also be found in machinery, electric power, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding, petrochemical, food, and other industries.

BCST offers a wide range of level meter solutions such as 4-20 ma LCD level meter, 4-20 ma steel level meter, buoy level meter, differential pressure level meter, fork level switch meter, glass plate level meter, magnetic level meter, radar level meter, tape steel level meter, and ultrasonic level meter.

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