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BCST specializes in level switch development and production for 20 years. We have a strong technical background. Our level switches are popular at home and abroad.

  •  A wider range of applications, Suitable for various media measurement
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Strong versatility, suitable for corrosion, shock, and other harsh occasions.
  • Anti-hanging material, high sensitive reaction
  • Maintenance-free, no moving parts
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One-step Level Switch Solution from China

If you use the BCST level switch, it can help you detect many types of fluid media in various applications, such as cooking oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel tanks, water and wastewater, biohazards, deionized water, or drinking water.

BCST level switches can be divided into two types depending on the technical principle, one is capacitance level switch, another is tuning fork switches.

BCST level switches are also available in different materials and specifications based on your requirement, such as high pressure, high temperature, corrosive medium. Any special specifications can be customized.

From electric board to raw material, each part is made by ourselves, so the quality can be ensured. And the delivery time is also fast.

If you have inquiries about the level switch, please feel free to contact us.

Best Level Switch Supplier for Your Project

BCST level switch can measure liquid and solid levels, such as powder. It can be used for medium with different temperatures, pressures. And it can also be applied to corrosion, shock, and other harsh condition.BCST level switch has a unique circuit design and sensor structure, so its measurement can be unaffected by the sensor hanging material.There are no moving parts in the measurement process, also without mechanical parts damage.So it does not require regular cleaning to avoid delays in measurement. If you purchase a level switch from BCST, you don’t need too much maintenance.

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