Orginal Mass Flowmeter Manufacturer from China

BCST can manufacturer kinds of mass flowmeters like thermal mass flowmeters, vortex mass flowmeters, gas turbine mass flowmeters, Coriolis mass flowmeters, etc.

  • Easy installation
  • Wide flow turndown range
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Less leak potential
  • Accurate measurement
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High Accuracy Mass Flowmeter Manufacturer

BCST mass flowmeters are designed to directly and continuously measure the “mass” of the process; mass flowmeters are normally used for the measurement of a medium whose composition of materials is important, which can ensure the quality of the products.

BCST mass flowmeters have different types. They are inline type thermal mass flowmeters, plug type thermal mass flowmeters, vortex mass flowmeters, mini thermal mass flowmeters, precession vortex mass flowmeters, turbine gas mass flowmeters, Coriolis mass steam flowmeters, etc.

BCST supplies your one-step solution for a mass flowmeter.

Your Best Mass Flowmeter Supplier in China

BCST can provide you all-wave and one-stop mass flowmeter solutions based on your parameters like medium, flow rate, pipe size, installation method, working temperature, and working pressure, etc.

Normally, a mass flowmeter is usually used for measurement of mass flow for kinds of medium like steam, biogas, exhaust gas, compressed air, LNG, LPG, argon, nitrogen & oxygen, carbon dioxide, & the list goes on & on.

BCST is your best mass flowmeter supplier in China .

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Why Purchase Mass Flowmeter from BCST

BCST mass flowmeters are being used successfully in many applications with gas mass flow, for example:

Compressed air (consumption, distribution)

Steam(boiler, textile)

Carbon dioxide (for beverage production and chilling)

Argon (in steel production)

Nitrogen and oxygen (production)

Natural gas (for burners and boiler feed control)

Air and biogas measurement (e.g. in wastewater plants)

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