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  • Historic exceptional noise resistance over long distances.
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Video -mechanical temperature gauge

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BCST mechanical temperature gauge offers excellent instrumentation value. BCST mechanical temperature gauge is a device used to indicate the temperature of an item being covered.

BCST’s wide range of mechanical temperature gauges allows you to choose the suitable one hung on your on-location conditions.

All BCST mechanical temperature hands are rigorously tested to enhance reliability. BCST can also customize your special must-haves on mechanical temperature hands.

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BCST mechanical temperature gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical, fabric, rubber, rearing tackle, electric power, metallurgy, specific, food, and other raw fields for on- where temperature size.

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BCST can help you with the right mechanical temperature gauge for your requisites.

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Mechanical Temperature Gauge -FAQ


What is a mechanical temperature gauge?

The mechanical temperature gauge is a field detection instrument for measuring low and medium temperatures. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid vapors and gaseous media in the range of -80°C to +500°C in various production processes. The main element of the mechanical temperature gauge is a multi-layer metal sheet made of two or more metals laminated together; it uses the principle that two different metals work to varying degrees of expansion when the temperature changes.

It is based on a bimetallic sheet that is wound in a circular bend. When one end is heated and expanded, the pointer is rotated, and the working instrument displays the temperature value corresponding to the thermal potential.


What is the working principle of a mechanical temperature gauge?

The mechanical temperature gauge main component is a multi-layer metal sheet laminated together. Can automatically and continuously record temperature changes in the instrument. To improve measurement sensitivity, the metal sheet bimetal thermometer is usually made into a spiral roll shape. When the temperature of the multi-layer metal sheet changes, each layer of metal expansion or contraction of the amount of unequal, making the spiral roll up or loosen.

As one end of the spiral coil is fixed and the other end and a pointer can be freely rotated connected, the two metals in the temperature change when the volume change is not the same so that it will bend. It is fixed at one end and displaced at the other end with temperature change, and the displacement is nearly linear with the temperature.

The self-registering system consists of a self-registering clock and a self-registering pen connected to a magnifying lever and manipulated by an inductive element. Therefore, when the bimetal senses a temperature change, the pointer can indicate the temperature on a circular index scale. The temperature measurement range of this instrument is 200 ~ 650 ℃; the allowable error is about 1% of the two degrees of the scale. This thermometer and bar glass liquid thermometer use similar but can be used in the mechanical strength requirements of higher conditions.


What is the application of the Mechanical temperature gauge?

The mechanical temperature gauge is a field detection instrument suitable for measuring medium and low temperature; it can be used to measure the temperature of liquefied and gas directly. Comparison between Mechanical temperature gauge and similar products in China: the accuracy level of the instrument reaches 1.0 grade, the upper shell of the device is made of anti-corrosion material, its temperature resistance can be as high as 200℃, the lowest is -40℃. Flange type structure, double sealing rubber ring, so anti-corrosion, good waterproof performance. The protection tube welding adopts an automatic argon gas protection tube, the welding seam is firm, and the intergranular corrosion is slight.

The scale is an aluminum oxide printing plate with a clear surface and beautiful style—pointer for the internal adjustable type. The mechanical temperature gauge has an axial type, radial type, universal type, and other head models to choose from. In addition, mechanical temperature gauge probe rod length can be customized according to customer needs.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile, food, and other industries. The mechanical temperature gauge is a measuring low and medium temperature field detection instrument. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid-vapor and gas medium in the range of -80℃-+500℃ in various production processes.

It features an on-site display of temperature, intuitive, convenient, safe and reliable, long service life; a core extraction thermometer can not stop for a short time to maintain or replace the movement. There are axial type, radial type, universal type. You can select a suitable one based on the variety of field installations.



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