Metal Rotameter

How to Choose Metal Tube Rotameter?

Metal tube rotameter using all-metal gold hook, compared to the glass rotor flowmeter can withstand higher temperatures and pressures, is a variable area flow meter commonly used in industrial automation process control, can be used for liquid and gas flow measurement, especially for small diameter, low flow rate, small flow, high temperature and high pressure media measurement. There are explosion-proof type, anti-corrosion type, high temperature and high pressure type, jacketed, in situ indication type, remote transmission type, etc., a variety of different process measurement requirements, metal tube rotameter supplier will explain how to choose metal tube rotameter.

For many years metal tube rotameter are well received by many industries such as petrochemical, steel and iron, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmacy and water processing.

(1) For the selection of remote transmission type metal pipe rotameter, to choose suitable for the use of explosion-proof type requirements of the rotameter; installation should also pay attention to the instrument energized shell fastening and wiring port sealing, has reached the explosion-proof, protection, corrosion prevention requirements.

(2) For the measured medium temperature is too high (> 120 ℃) or too low places, usually to the metal rotor flowmeter sensor part to take insulation or heat insulation measures, to ensure that the signal converter —— indicator normal working environment temperature, should choose high temperature indicator.

Metal Tube Rotameter
Metal Tube Rotameter

(3) For some need to take insulation or cooling of the measured medium, to choose jacketed metal rotor flowmeter. Standard metal pipe float rotameter with heat or cooling interface using DIN2501 DN15 PN1.6 flange connection, if you need other flange or threaded connection, please specify when ordering.

(4) For metal rotor flowmeter inlet medium pressure instability, especially for gas measurement, to ensure accuracy and service life, should be selected damping structure.

(5) For the medium requirements of the pressure level is high, more than the standard pressure level, in the selection, please choose high-pressure type structure.

Metal Tube Rotameter

JC 050 series metal tube rotameter is a kind of measuring meter which the flow rate is changing along with the area and is widely used in the process control of industrial automation. It has the merit of little volume, broad measuring range and convenience for use. It can be used to measure liquid, gas and vapor flow especially fits for the flow rate measurement of low flow velocity and little flow rate.

JC050 series metal tube rotameter has local indication type and smart remote type with a pointer LCD displaying instantaneous/ accumulated flow rate, upper-limit and lower-limit alarm output, accumulative pulse output, batch control, standard two-wire 4-20mA current output, ect. Additionally, this instrument employs advanced micro processing central chip and high-quality industrialized components of Motorola corporation to ensure the good performances of flowmeters in all applicational fields.

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