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BCST Oil Flowmeter contains variable area flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, positive displacement flowmeter, turbine flowmeter,etc.

  • Low maintenance.
  • No extra pressure drop.
  • No obstructed flow channel.
  • Don’t affect by concentration, temperature, and density
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BCST oil flow meter is perfect for metering oil. It measures the amount of liquid that flows past the system sensors. The oil flow meter working principle is the same as any other: to produce precise, repeatable measurements for specific applications.

BCST has a wide range of oil flow meters that are purposely built and vary in price. All of our oil flow meters are expertly designed and are made from the best components. It is purpose-built and BCST spent years in research and development of oil flow meters.

BCST will make sure that you get the right products for your application.

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BCST your One-Stop Oil Flow Meter Solution from China

BCST is your reliable supplier of oil flow meters from China. Jointly of the leading manufacturers, BCST offers a good range of oil flow meters within the market with a competitive price grounded on your design’s conditions.

BCST has successfully designed, manufactured, and deliver high-quality oil flow meters everywhere in the globe for many years. With our professional specialized team, BCST gives you the best oil flow meter result.

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Oil Flowmeter

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Your Best Oil Flowmeter Manufacturer from China

The oil flow meter is a precision instrument used to measure the flow of liquids. The oil flowmeter can be manufactured with different materials (cast steel, stainless steel, etc.) and is suitable for flow measurement in industrial sectors such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, electric power, metallurgy and food.

The oil flowmeter is implemented by standard JB/T9242-1999, with a novel design and reasonable structure. It has a lightweight, high accuracy and is widely used in various oil and low corrosive media measurement.

Certificates-Oil Flowmeter

The oil flow meter is a volumetric flowmeter, the central part is the metering box, and a pair of elliptical gears is installed in the metering box. They and the cover plate form a sealed primordial cavity as a gauge.

The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the oil flow meter pushes the oval gear to rotate. The fluid is measured and discharged through the initial lunar cavity. The elliptical equipment can output four times the volume of the initial lunar crater for every one week of rotation. Therefore, the number of oval gear revolutions is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid.

The oil flow meter comprises the body, a pair of oval gear, magnetic coupling, adjusting equipment, counter, and sending device.

The body of the flowmeter is divided into single and double body two, a single body that is the shell speaks the measurement box as one: the double body that is the shell and measurement box for two bodies.

Through the magnetic coupling and a series of gears composed of a deceleration mechanism, Elliptical gear rotation is transmitted to the meter head counter. The magnetic coupling consists mainly of an active magnet and a driven magnet. The use of magnetic couplings can improve the working pressure and temperature of the flow meter, operate safely and reduce maintenance work.

Advantages of oil flowmeters

  •  High measurement accuracy and precise readings.
  •  Particularly suitable for measuring higher viscosity media and insensitive to changes in the viscosity of the liquid being measured, viscosity adaptability can measure high temperature, high viscosity liquids.
  •  Easy to install.
  • Before and after, the flowmeter does not need a straight section. Even if the flowmeter is close to the valve, bend, shrinkage, expansion of the pipe, there is no need to add a straight section.
  •  Mass and volume of two units of measurement display can be placed in the density and coefficient.
  • In addition, the flowmeter can also be used to weigh the density coefficient of the instrument for on-site calibration, and the function is particularly suitable for vegetable oils, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industry requirements.
  • With 485 bus and other communication modules, to achieve the network with the computer.
  • It can detect centrally, output standard signals for automatic control and data processing, and be directly networked with a computer.

① Allowable basic error (%): ±0.2, ±0.5.

② Repeatability error (%): 0.07 for 0.2, 0.17 for 0.5.

③Allowable working pressure (Mpa): 1.6, 2.5, 4, 6.4.

④ Temperature of the measured medium (℃): -10 to +60, -40 to +120, 100 to 200, 200 to 350.

⑤ Viscosity of the measured medium (Mpa-s):0.1~200, 200~500, 500 or more.

⑥Explosion-proof grade: dⅡBT4 (Note: the factory’s signal telemeter is divided into ordinary and explosion-proof type);.

⑦ Pipe pipe flange standard: HG20592-90, JB/T79.1-9.4;

⑧ Flowmeter main material: stainless steel, cast steel, 316 (i.e. 0Cr17 Ni12 Mo2)

Installation Requirements of Oil Flowmeter 


1)Mechanical installation

To install the flowmeter, you should choose a place with less dust, less corrosive gases, no strong vibration, and far from heat sources. Installation of flowmeter outside the ambient temperature can not be higher than 60 ℃. In addition, the flowmeter must be installed horizontally (meaning the horizontal position of the oval gear rotation axis), i.e., the dial of the flowmeter is perpendicular to the ground.

2)Wire installation

The signal telemeter is equipped with a contactless pulse transmitter. During installation, the correct wiring connections must be made.

Wiring connection of the transmitter flow meter for general environments

(1) with a sender meter head lead hole for M16 × two screw holes.

(2) between the flowmeter and the secondary instrument using two wires connected, cross-sectional wire area of not less than 1mm2, the transmission distance is less than 1000m.

(3) the red wire leading from the transmitter is connected to the positive pole (high potential), the other lead is connected to the negative (low potential).

3)Wiring connections for transmitting flow meters for explosion-proof environments

(1) Select a BX-type three-core cable or CHQP-type three-core cable wired with a core cross-sectional area of 1mm2. Generally, use steel pipe wiring when wiring with steel pipe. The connection end of the compression nut and steel pipe is M22 × 1.5 female thread.

(2) Remove the anti-explosion interrogator cover wiring, taking care not to damage the explosion-proof joint surface.

(3) wiring, from the second table behind the board terminals “input” to connect, positive and negative poles can not be connected to the wrong. The third wire is the grounding wire, connected to the internal cavity of the transmitter grounding symbols;

(4) the shell grounding;

(5) the grounding of the shell.

(6) shell grounding.

(7) When choosing a three-core cable, remove the compression nut and install a device to prevent the line from falling off.

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