Accurate On line Brix Meter for Precise Sugar Measurement

Improve efficiency with BCST digital on line Brix Meter for fast and precise sugar measurements.

  • Unaffected by the color, turbidity, and viscosity of the tested material.
  • Unaffected by bubbles, solid impurities, and crystals in the material.
  • Unaffected by changes in liquid pressure, sudden changes in flow rate, and turbulent phenomena.
  • No mechanical movement measurement, ensuring stability and longevity.
  • Operation without reagents and low power consumption.
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Digital brix meter for efficient measurements

BCST’s Brix online measurement and control system (Online Brix Meter) has been widely used in industries such as food, beverages, and sugar production. It measures sugar solution concentration, ensuring product quality.  You could use it for Real-time detection and control of the entire production process enhance process repeatability and quality stability, revolutionizing the outdated manual measurement, recording, and control methods. This guarantees strict adherence to the process plan, improved control accuracy, enhanced product quality, and significantly reduced defect rates. Furthermore, it ensures international-level product quality and prevents excessive use of water, raw materials, and energy, contributing to energy conservation and environmental protection.

Best Online Brix Meter Factory from China

With 20 years manufacturing experience , BCST Company has garnered an esteemed reputation in the market, recognized for our exceptional products and outstanding service. We firmly believe that by choosing our online brix meter, you will gain a distinct competitive advantage, adding significant value to your project .

Whether you require precise sugar content measurement in production processes, or for R&D purposes in a laboratory, BCST online Brix Meter offers you a reliable brix measurement solution for your project .  If you choose our online brix meter , it could enhance quality control and streamline your production processes. Welcome to contact us .

Video-on line brix meter

Smart Brix Meter: Efficient and Accurate Sugar Measurements

High Precision measurement
Our online brix Meter can ensures the high accurate and precise sugar content measurements, its accuracy is 0.1% , rate of refraction is 0.00002 ,and temperature accuracy is 0.1°C. Whether in food processing, beverage production, or sugar refining, You could expect consistent, dependable results with our transmitter .
Real-time Monitoring
With real-time monitoring capabilities, our Online Brix Meter could enable continuous tracking of sugar content fluctuations, it can empower swift adjustments and assure unwavering product quality. There are built-in 4-20ma , RS485 output , relay output for option , it can send the data to your PLC system in time .
Multi-group data acquisition system
With multi-group data acquisition system, our brix meter can realise unified monitoring of multiple workshops, it is convenient for data collection and remote management, and can be docked with MES system.
User-friendly Experience
There is 4.3-inch touch screen man-machine interaction interface, the display is more detailed, colourful interface, convenient operation, strong expandability, it can be customized according to the user's needs function, like cleaning mode, automatic cleaning time and cleaning interval .

Best Brix Online Measurement and Control System from BCST

Compared to other manufacturers’ Brix online measurement and control systems (Online Brix Meters), BCST’s system offers its unique high cost-effectiveness advantages. The Brix online measurement and control system (Online Brix Meter) possesses the following features:

  • Designed with intelligent chip technology, turning the BCST Brix online measurement and control system (Online Brix Meter) into a smart brain. Users can set control parameters based on requirements, realizing analog output, digital communication output, network output, more extensions, and additional functions.
  • Combining measurement and control, eliminating secondary instruments, transmitters, PLCs, DCSs, leading to easier on-site installation, direct online measurement and control, and lower failure rate.
  • Offering multiple product models catering to different technological requirements in various industries, enhancing on-site matching.
  • Overall stainless steel sealed design, more resistant to complex field environments, passed 3C testing certification, reaching IP67 protection level.
  • Integrating high-pressure compressed air, high-pressure water cleaning devices, eliminating the need for expensive additional purchases.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge detection technology, achieving online detection accuracy as high as 0.01%, and control accuracy up to 0.2%.
  • Using a high-resolution physical CCD recognition chip.
  • Includes powerful online software, multi-level users, displaying, recording, and tracing, meeting pharmaceutical industry requirements.
  • Key sensor components are imported to ensure quality.

In the process of brewing beer, the preparation of wort is a crucial production step. Wort is boiled in various concentrations according to requirements. For example, the concentration of pale beer after boiling is about 8 to 10 degrees, while the concentration of strong beer after boiling is around 10 to 17 degrees. Wort is generally boiled in the kettle for about 90 minutes, during which its concentration constantly changes. Typically, factory personnel take on-site samples and then use a Brix meter in the laboratory to measure the Brix of the wort. However, during the process of taking samples from the boiling kettle for analysis (usually every 30 minutes), the concentration of wort in the kettle often changes. Once the analysis is completed, we must adjust the wort Brix to the required range. Additionally, as wort is taken out, its molecular structure changes with temperature fluctuations, making laboratory analysis results unable to accurately reflect the Brix of wort in the boiling kettle. Employing an online Brix meter for real-time measurement can reduce unnecessary analysis steps, shorten the boiling point cycle, and effectively control the quality of wort. Online refractometers can be installed after wort filtration and within the boiling kettle. Due to the thick consistency of wort, the E-Scan series online Brix meter is equipped with an automated steam cleaning system, ensuring accurate measurements and minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the Brix meter can be calibrated in either Brix (“°B) or %B/W units.

Alcohol, rum, molasses, alcoholic beverages, apple cider, beer, wort, fruit juice, mixed fruit juice and nectar, concentrated juice; tea-infused water, iced coffee, instant coffee, instant tea, soft drinks, energy and sports drinks, beverage base for wines, wine, grape juice, and similar product concentration measurements.

Candies, rock sugar, taffy, spices, toffees, fruit juice, sugar, dairy products, condensed milk, powdered milk, casein, yeast powder, yogurt, whey, eggs, egg yolks, egg whites, preserved fruits, canned fruits, soy sauce, instant soup mix, soybeans, soy milk, tomato soup, tomato sauce, and similar product concentration measurements.

Best Brix online measurement and control system from China

BCST Brix online measurement and control system (Online Brix Meter) consists of a high-precision online concentration sensor, a control mainframe with an integrated high-resolution display screen, and a high-pressure automatic cleaning component.

BCST online concentration sensor of the Brix online measurement and control system (Online Brix Meter) contains a high-precision concentration measuring element and a temperature sensor (temperature measuring range from 0 to 95°C). It provides factory linear calibration and automatic temperature compensation for measured solution values, transmitting real-time measurement data to the control mainframe.

BCST Company stands as a seasoned industry leader, dedicated to delivering premium-quality products and unparalleled service. Rest assured, our online Brix Meter not only holds ISO 9001 certification for superior quality management but is also fully compliant with CE, RoHS, and FCC standards, guaranteeing absolute product safety and reliability.

If you are interested in our brix transmitter , please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are eagerly committed to providing you with exceptional products and professional support services that foster trust and confidence. Thank you for choosing BCST Company!


How to select the suitable brix transmitter for your factory brix measurement ?

1. What is the name of the testing medium?
2. What is the value of brix range?
3. What is the working temperature of the installation location?
4. Installation location? In the pipeline, tank, open room slot?
5.How often is CIP cleaning and what is the temperature of CIP cleaning? 6. Output signal?

What is the warranty period time for your brix transmitter ?

Usually it is 12  months after leaving our factory


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