BCST Professional Online Concentration Meter Manufacturer

BCST online concentration meter has several features and benefits that include:

  • High stability
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Plug and play, maintenance-free
  • Multi-group signal analogue output
  • Automatic data storage, easy to query
  • Continuous measurement, rapid feedback
  • Not affected by the change of medium color
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BCST Expert Online Concentration Meter Supplier from China

BCST is a professional manufacturer and supplier of online concentration meters with over 20 years of production experience and a professional technical team. Our technical team has high-quality solutions for special working conditions to meet your needs.

BCST online concentration meters have reliable quality, high measurement accuracy, good stability, long service life, convenient maintenance, and hold ISO, SIL2, CE and other certificates. They are widely used in many industries, such as petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, and environmental protection industry, etc.

BCST offers OEM customized services that can customize your requirements. We also offer the right instrument for every application requirement – choose the concentration meter that best fits your needs.

Welcome to inquiry our online concentration meters. You can get in touch with us at info@bcstgoup.com.

BCST Hot Selling Online Concentration Meter

BCST is committed to providing customers with a series of solutions for online concentration meter design, installation, debugging, product technical consulting, and more. With more than 20 years production experience, our online concentration meter provides an efficient, accurate and real-time monitoring method for industrial production and laboratory research, providing more possibilities for concentration detection in various fields. Additionally, BCST offers different online concentration meter models for a wide range of applications in industry and research. You can find specific versions for your industry as well as further reliable instruments for concentration measurements of chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and many more. If you need online concentration meter, please get in touch with us directly.


BCST Online Concentration Monitor

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Best Online Concentration Meter from BCST

application-concentration meter

Scope of Application:

  1. Petrochemical industry (interface detection, multi-oil transportation pipeline): diesel, gasoline, ethylene, petroleum …… and so on.
  2. Chemical industry: ethylene glycol, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chloroacetic acid, ammonia, methanol, ethanol, brine, sodium hydroxide, freezing liquid, sodium carbonate, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide …… and so on.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry: drug solution, biological liquid, alcohol extraction, acetone, alcohol recovery …… etc.
  4. Brewing, food and beverage industry: sugar water, fruit juice, brewing, cream …… and so on.
  5. Environmental protection industry: desulfurization (lime slurry, gypsum slurry), denitrification (ammonia, urea), wastewater treatment mvr (acid, alkali, salt recovery) and so on.
  6. Liquor, industrial alcohol, sterilization industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry in alcohol density and concentration measurement ……

Schematic Diagram of the Workflow

JC-2001 Flange Model Installation Reference Diagram (flange specifications and probe length can be customized):

flange specificationsprobe length

Threaded/1.5″ Chuck Mounting Dimension Drawing (with sheath):

Threaded Chuck Mounting

JC-Y11 Chuck Curved Base Dimensions drawing:

MAY-Y11 Dimensional Drawing

JC-2001 Display Controller Dimensional Drawing (flush-mounting optional):

wall mounted display controlembedded display controller

JC-2001EX Explosion-proof model Display Controller Dimension Diagram:


Note: This protocol is only for the external output of the display controller.

A、Default communication parameters: 9600, 8, None, 1, address: 1 (decimal), can be modified through the [Communication Parameters] parameter item itself

B、Register Description:

Register Name Register Address Length (characters) Evidence Type Read/Write Clarification
Density 0001 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only Unit: nd
Concentration 0002 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only Units: %、Brix
Temperature 0003 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only Unit: ℃
Operational status code 0004 0001 Uint (16-bit unsigned integer) read-only 0.for testing

1.for stopping test

C、Readout routines (supports 03 and 04 function codes):

Host sends: 01 03 00 02 00 02 65 CB (also requesting concentration, temperature)

Data return: 01 03 04 00 19 01 0E 6B 95,Where: from 00 19 01 0E four bytes to parse out the integer for 25, 270, each divided by 10, that is, to get the actual concentration, the temperature value of 2.5%, 27.0℃

The above data can be tested by ModScan software (if the user does not have the software, please download it from the Internet), the test data in the following figure, the results of the four registers returned are: 13360, 25, 270, 0; the device operation status code is: 0. The returned data are 16-bit unsigned integer, according to the type of each kind of data, please divide it by the corresponding multiplier.

A、Outside Tank Circulation Installation (Recommended):

Outside Tank Circulation Installation

B、Bypass Piping Installation (Recommended)

Bypass Piping Installation1Bypass Piping Installation2

Mains Direct Installation

(this installation is not maintenance friendly, ensure that the site is suitable for this installation, otherwise it is not recommended).

Mains Direct Installation


Tank In-line Installation (this installation is not maintenance friendly, ensure that the site is suitable for this installation and that the liquid in the tank does not build up easily; if there is an agitator, avoid the agitation device touching the probe).

Tank In-line Installation

installation 1installationAlcoholcontent clamp mounting with teetank inline mounting

BCST Online Concentration Meters Bring More Possibilities to Industrial Production

What Is BCST Online Concentration Meter

BCST online concentration meter uses the principle of refraction to measure the concentration of the solution. It only needs to be installed on the production line to detect the pipes flowing through the production line, and it is easy to install. As it can monitor accurately in real time, it can improve the qualification rate of samples, enhance the flexibility of the overall process, and ensure the normal operation of the process.

BCST online concentration meter can achieve online continuous detection, saving manpower and financial resources; reducing errors, improving product quality; and improving the degree of automation, which has become the choice of many manufacturing companies and factories.

BCST online concentration meter not only provides real-time data, but can also be integrated with automated control systems to make the production process more intelligent. This automated control helps respond quickly to production changes, maintains product quality, and reduces the need for human intervention. In addition, the BCST online concentration meters have a high degree of accuracy and precision. They can accurately detect changes in the concentration of substances, and are also suitable for applications with high product quality requirements.

Online Concentration MonitorMore Possibilities

Concentration measurement is an important aspect of advanced process control in the industrial sector. By using a concentration meter, manufacturers can observe chemicals in the process in real time to ensure that optimal chemical levels are maintained for maximum yield and performance.

Since chemicals are used extensively in manufacturing processes, it is critical to accurately measure chemical concentrations. By analyzing process information, manufacturers can identify areas for improvement to make informed decisions. Combining concentration monitoring equipment with process control allows the system to take immediate action when process changes occur, preventing unplanned downtime and improving product quality. Additionally, concentration analyzers help maintain the correct concentration of chemicals within the desired range, thereby increasing line efficiency and reducing defect rates.

Additionally, online concentration meters provide a complete solution for monitoring and controlling production processes, making them an indispensable tool for manufacturers. By observing, measuring and analyzing process information in real time, manufacturers can make data-driven decisions that improve process efficiency and product quality.

With the continuous progress of technology and the development of industrial production, the application of instruments and meters in the industrial field has become more and more important. The continuous innovation of instruments such as online concentration meters has brought more possibilities to industrial production. The BCST online concentration meters and other instruments provide accurate data and critical information for enterprises through real-time monitoring and analysis of substance concentrations, thereby promoting the improvement of industrial production efficiency and quality.

Online Calcium Carbonate Concentration Transmitter

In the past, industrial production processes often required intermittent sampling and analysis to determine substance concentration, which was both time-consuming and laborious. However, with the emergence of online concentration meters and other instruments, industrial production efficiency has been significantly improved. These advanced devices monitor and measure substance concentrations in real-time, eliminating delays and uncertainties in traditional methods, making the production process more continuous and efficient, and further enhancing production capacity.

The innovation of online concentration meters and other instruments has also brought a higher level of quality control to industrial production. In many industrial production processes, substance concentration has a significant impact on product quality. Traditional sampling and analysis methods often have errors and delays. Online concentration meters and other instruments can monitor and provide real-time feedback on concentration data, detect abnormal situations in a timely manner, and make adjustments.

In addition, the innovation of online concentration meters and other instruments has also brought a higher level of safety to industrial production. Traditional sampling and analysis methods require manual operation, which poses certain risks and errors. Through automated monitoring and alarm functions, online concentration meters and other instruments can promptly alert and control potential hazardous situations, improving the safety of industrial production processes


In short, online concentration meters are critical to achieving superior process performance. With their real-time observation, accurate measurement and process analysis capabilities, manufacturers can make informed decisions to optimize processes, reduce costs and improve product quality.

We believe that with the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data analysis, online concentration meters and other instruments will become more intelligent and automated, providing more accurate predictions and decision support. The innovative development of online concentration meters and other instruments has also brought broader possibilities to industrial production.

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