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BCST Online Density Meter has the following advantages:

  • With integrated design
  • High product accuracy
  • Good long-term stability
  • Be used for monitoring and control.
  • Continuous measurement
  • Easy to install and use
  • Be used for fluid or still liquids, suitable for pipeline and tank installation
  • Display readings once filled with liquid


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BCST Expert Online Density Meter Supplier from China

BCST intelligent online density meters use high-precision sensors for online real-time measurement of density values of various liquids or liquid mixtures. The density values can be locally displayed in real time, and 4~20mA and various signal output modes (optional) can be used for industrial production process control, and be taken as important parameter for industrial automation control. Various different types of online density meters adopting different principles can be selected by users and suitable solutions can be designed separately based on specific working conditions of users. The online density meters are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, brewing, pharmaceutical, food, printing and dyeing, and environmental protection industries.

Full Package of Online Density Meter Solution

BCST provides various types of density meters, including online tuning fork density meter, double-flange differential pressure density meter, glass tube vibration-type density meter and so on. For double-flange differential pressure density meter, to adapt to market needs, BCST develops it according to differential pressure principle. It adopts a multi-parameter density sensor, and support automatic temperature compensation, easy installation, and little maintenance. It has temperature compensation function and is equipped with an imported sensor, further ensuring the measurement accuracy. It can be used to measure the density of all fluids (including solutions and suspensions), with sensitive reaction and high measurement accuracy.

Online Density Meter

Various Materials in Contact with Medium

Online Density Meter-316L
Online Density Meter-316L
Online Density Meter-Titanium
Online Density Meter-Titanium
Online Density Meter-Ceramic
Online Density Meter-Ceramic
Online Density Meter-Hastelloy
Online Density Meter-Hastelloy
Online Density Meter-PTFE
Online Density Meter-PTFE

Best Online Density Meter from BCST

Petrochemical industry Diesel, gasoline, ethylene
Chemical industry Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chloroacetic acid, ammonium hydroxide, methanol, ethanol, brine, sodium hydroxide, refrigerant, sodium carbonate, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide
Environmental protection industry Desulfurization, denitration, and wastewater treatment
Mining industry Control of washed coal, ore pulp, and solid percentage in ore pulp
Food and beverage industry Sweet water, fruit juice, brewing, cream
Pharmaceutical industry Medicinal solution, biological liquid, alcohol extraction, and alcohol recovery
Printing and dyeing industry Sodium sulfate
Battery industry Sulfuric acid, and lithium hydroxide
Output signal 4〜20mA, RS485 or HART protocol (optional)
Power supply DC24V
Display LCD display
Measuring range 0~1.5g/cm3, 0~3g/cm3, 0~100%,0~50%
Accuracy 0.001g/cm3 (standard condition), 0.002g/cm3, 1%, 0.5%
Resolution 0.0005g/cm3
Ambient temperature -40~85℃
Electrical interface 1/2NPT-14,M20X1.5
Process interface Flange, clamp, thread
Materials in contact with medium 316L, Hastelloy, titanium alloy, ceramic, 316L lined with PTFE
SDT600-4/04H □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Online tuning fork density meter
Online tuning fork concentration meter
Measuring media A Density
B Hydrochloric acid concentration
C Sulfuric acid concentration
D Concentration of ammonium hydroxide
E Alcohol concentration
F Sodium hydroxide concentration
X Other
Measuring range R1 0~1.5g/cm3
R2 0〜2g/cm3
R3 0〜50%
R4 0〜100%
RX Other
Output signal W1 4〜20mA
W2 4〜20mA+RS485
W3 4〜20mA+HART protocol
Process interface A1 2″150LB flange
A2 2″300LB flange
A3 DN50PN16 flange (standard)
A4 DN50PN25 flange
B1 2″ clamp
B2 3″ clamp
C1 G3/4 thread
C2 G1 thread
X Other
Insertion length L0 150mm (standard)
L1 100mm
L2 200mm
L3 300mm
L4 400mm
LX Other
Materials in contact with medium A 316L
B 316L lined with PTFE
C Titanium
D Hastelloy
E Ceramic
X Other
Surface treatment 1 Standard polishing
2 Other
Explosion-proof grade N None
D Flameproof ExdIICT6 Gb
Installation Accessories F0 None
F1 Mounting bracket
F2 Bypass pipeline
F3 Circulation room
F4 Flushing port
F5 Flange base
F6 Protective cover
X Other

Product classification diagrams and dimensional drawings

Wide Range Application of BCST Online Density Meter

BCST online density meters are various, and widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, brewing, pharmaceutical, food, printing and dyeing, and environmental protection industries.

Online Tuning Fork Density Meter

The online tuning fork density and concentration meter is an instrument for continuous online measurement of liquid density and concentration, and can provide fully integrated “plug and play, maintenance-free” density or concentration measurement. Mainly used for industrial process automation control. Widely used on field pipelines, open or closed storage tanks and other industrial fields.

  • Application in chemical industry

In the domestic chemical industry, due to the limitations of working conditions and installation methods, the traditional density meters are large, installation is cumbersome, measurement errors are large, and single material is used; there is a lag in manual sampling and measurement, and it is inconvenient to take samples, and it has been unable to meet the requirements of automation control and large-scale production of enterprises.

Our online tuning fork density meter contains no movable parts. Compared with other density measuring equipment, the tuning fork density meter is characterized by small size, long service life, high reliability, light weight, no piping pressure loss, plug and play, simple installation, convenient maintenance, and has the advantages that cannot be replaced by other types of density measuring instruments, and has a good application prospect.

chemical industry

  • Application in pharmaceutical industry

At present, the density measurement method used in the pharmaceutical industry is sampling inspection, namely manual inspection of glass tubes. It is a traditional test scheme, featuring accurate data and low instrument price, but it is time-consuming and laborious, could not achieve real-time online monitoring effect, inconvenient to use, with a low efficiency.

In order to meet the market needs, break this traditional method, achieve maximum efficiency, and overcome shortcomings of the above instruments, the tuning fork density meter adopting vibration principle and produced by Zhongshan Sani Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. is a fully integrated “plug and play, maintenance-free” digital measuring instrument, and can be used for monitoring and control. The density meter has the following advantages when it is closely combined with field process pipelines:

  1. Adopting an integrated structure, flexible and convenient to install, requiring less maintenance;
  2. Continuous online measurement, with the meter head directly displaying density and temperature;
  3. A temperature sensor is built in the instrument, with temperature compensation function;

High accuracy, good stability, standard industrial and sanitary processes.

Application in pharmaceutical industry

  • Application in desulfurization industry

In the wet flue gas desulfurization system of lime slurry (calcium hydroxide), the density of the limestone slurry entering the absorption tower needs to be measured, which concerns the desulfurization efficiency.
The working condition of the limestone slurry entering the absorption tower has the following characteristics:
(1) In the mixing process, the slurry dissipates heat, and both temperature and density have significant changes.
(2) Calcium hydroxide solution contains a large number of particles, which are easy to crystallize and form scales, especially after shutdown.
Therefore, when selecting a density meter for measuring the density of calcium hydroxide solution, the measurement effect caused by particles and the convenience of later maintenance should be considered.

The tuning fork density/concentration meter is adopted and it can measure the density of calcium hydroxide solution containing a large number of particles online, which can be converted according to customer requirements, and the density/concentration value is directly displayed.

Application in desulfurization industry

Triangular Vibration Density Meter

The triangular vibrating density meter adopts the principle of conducting calculation according to the special law of liquids in motion under the Coriolis force to measure the density value of liquids and convert into the corresponding concentration value. This principle has high accuracy, and the product has good long-term stability and no drift caused by sensors. So it can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food, beverage and other industries. It is suitable for pipeline installation method.

  • Application in pharmaceutical industry

With the integration of Chinese pharmaceutical industry and the upgrading of technical equipment, the production of traditional Chinese medicine has entered an era of automated production control. The traditional mode of relying on manual experience to control the production process in the past is inefficient, the production control standards are inconsistent, and it could not meet the requirements of large-scale automated production of pharmaceutical enterprises. In the automation control process of traditional Chinese medicine, the control of concentration (density) of the concentrated solution is extremely crucial.

The measurement and liquid discharge circuit is composed of the triangular vibrating density meter, the liquid delivery pump, the reversing valve, and surrounding pipelines. When the online density/concentration meter detects that the liquid density/concentration reaches the set value, the reversing valve will act, and the finished concentrated solution will be output to the next-level storage device.

The entire production process has high measurement accuracy and accurate control, and the concentration of the obtained finished drug solution is stable. It can achieve simultaneous charging and discharging, improving equipment utilization, suitable for large-scale continuous production.

Application in pharmaceutical industry-triangular vibration density meter

Straight Tube Vibration-Type Density Meter

The straight tube vibration-type density meter is to use a metal tube to vibrate, and the liquid vibrates freely at a certain frequency under the action of Coriolis force. This frequency is related to the density of the liquid in contact. Therefore, by analyzing the frequency, the density of the liquid can be measured, and temperature compensation can be made to eliminate temperature drift of the system. The concentration at 20℃ can be calculated based on the relationship between the density and concentration of the corresponding liquid. This device integrates density, concentration, and Baume degree, and multiple liquids can be selected. Since the metal straight pipe is adopted in the design, it is particularly suitable for measuring viscous liquids, and can greatly reduce the chance of pipeline blockage.

  • Application in MVR industrial wastewater

The industrial production water, rinsing water, washing and other industrial production processes will generate a large amount of wastewater containing various high-concentration pollutants. The wastewater needs to be treated through internal system before being discharged into public sewage systems, rivers, lakes, or oceans. The new-generation MVR evaporator is currently internationally recognized as the most energy-saving and environmentally-friendly evaporation and concentration equipment. For the zero-emission solution for industrial waste liquid suitable for electroplating, coating production, pharmaceutical and pesticide, metal processing, papermaking, and crude oil production industries, MVR solution evaporation, concentration, and crystallization are characterized by high temperature, corrosion, crystallization, and scaling, which makes it difficult to measure the density of the media.

For this working condition, our company launches the straight tube online density meter. It adopts high-temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and anti-blocking materials, and can meet various customer requirements for evaporative crystallization.

Application in MVR industrial wastewater

Glass Tube Vibration-Type Density Meter

The glass tube vibration-type density/concentration meter adopts the principle of conducting calculation according to special law of liquid in motion under the Coriolis force to measure the density value of the liquid and convert into the corresponding concentration value. The glass has special mechanical stability, high precision, and good long-term stability, without the drift caused by sensors. The product is mainly used in brewery and battery industries, and is suitable for pipeline installation, container wall installation, conduit installation, and other installation methods.

  • Application in battery industry

Lead acid battery electrolyte is prepared by mixing distilled water (or pure water) with concentrated sulfuric acid, and the standard battery electrolyte density is 1.280±0.005g/cm3 (25℃). If the density of the electrolyte is low, the power of the lead-acid battery will be low.

In the production process, the real-time density of the electrolyte needs to be detected online, and it can be measured with a glass tube vibration-type density meter, with the error within ± 0.005g/cm3. A sealed structure is adopted to reduce the corrosion of electronic components caused by acid fog and extend the service life of the equipment.

Application in battery industry

  • Application in alcohol production process

Alcohol production in alcohol plants is completed through multiple processes, mainly controlled manually. In alcohol distillation and extraction process, operators always rely on their experience to operate, and inevitably can cause errors, which affects the alcohol concentration, and thus leads to production defects.

The discontinuity of the distillation process largely leads to the instability of alcohol, and it is a deep-rooted problem that has plagued the alcohol industry for many years. For a long time, the liquor industry has spared no effort to break through the traditional production process and realize production automation.

Since the establishment, our company has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of density and concentration measuring instruments. After years of study and test, we have successfully developed a glass tube vibration-type concentration meter that can adapt to environments of high temperature and humidity in alcohol distillation and extraction processes, and supports online detection of alcohol concentration, with an accuracy of 0.2%. This is a breakthrough and innovation in the alcohol industry.

The online concentration meter developed by our company has truly realized automation in alcohol distillation and extraction process of the alcohol industry, which will surely promote the development of the alcohol industry.

Application in alcohol production process

Double-Flange Differential Pressure Density Meter

The double-flange differential pressure density meter developed by our company uses a multi-parameter flat flange sensor, which can measure the density online for various liquids or liquid mixtures. Widely used in chemical, desulfurization, and coal washing fields.

  • Application in coal washing industry

The online density meter used for coal washing of heavy media includes a radioactive isotope density meter. Since there are radioactive substances in it, it can cause radioactive pollution to the surrounding environment and cause radioactive radiation damage to people, and is inconvenient to use and manage, and strictly controlled by the country, and its use and purchase need to go through strict approval procedures. If it is damaged and cannot be used, it costs money to be stored in a stage-designated unit and location. If it is lost, relevant personnel need to bear criminal responsibility. This kind of instrument features large time constant, insensitive response and low measurement accuracy, and is difficult to calibrate during use, and difficult to calibrate accurately. It has strict requirements for installation position, and is very troublesome to use and maintain. The scaling on the inner wall of the sampling tube affects the measurement accuracy.

To adapt to market needs and overcome the shortcomings and problems with the above instruments, Zhongshan Sani Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. develops the double-flange density meter according to differential pressure principle. It adopts a multi-parameter density sensor, and support automatic temperature compensation, easy installation, and little maintenance.

Pipeline Type Density Meter

The pipeline type online density meter is a device used for continuous online measurement of liquid density. It adopts the principle of differential pressure density meter and can directly read the density value and output 4-20mA DC signals according to the differential pressure value of the medium at a certain vertical distance. It supports HART communication protocol and can automatically perform temperature compensation, and is easy to install and use. It is widely used for measuring the density of various liquids, vertically installed in pipeline flow path, easy to install, and suitable for pipeline flange installation. Especially it can measure the density of media with high viscosity.

  • Application in chemical/desulfurization/mineral separation industry

In domestic chemical, mining, fertilizer and other industries, the working conditions that require density measurement are often characterized by corrosion, many particles, and unstable flow rate. For the conventional online density meter, the Materials in contact with medium is not resistant to corrosion and wear, and its service life is short. The maintenance costs are high, the measurement is unstable and customer requirements cannot be met. Secondly, due to the flow rate problem, there is a deviation in the measurement, and it cannot accurately reflect the density value of the medium.

SDT501 pipeline-type density meter, suitable for vertical pipeline installation. Owing to the unique anti-corrosive structure, wear-resistant parts, throttling design, and high-temperature data processing, the product can be used in harsh working conditions such as high content of particles or suspended solids, corrosive condition, high temperature, high flow rate, or unstable flow rate. For example, coal washing of heavy medium, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ammonium sulfate, lime slurry, monoammonium phosphate, etc.

Application in chemical separation industry


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