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  • Helps ensure accurate measurements.
  • Improve security.
  • Improved production efficiency.
  • Extend the life of your equipment.
  • Increased profitability.
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BCST an Expert in Pressure Gauges Calibration in China

BCST pressure gauges are widely used in all industries and are often the equipment to be calibrated. However, as with any process measuring device, it should be calibrated regularly to be calculated correctly.

Calibrating the pressure gauge is essential because it helps ensure accurate measurements. Accurate measurements are the basis for the quality, safety, and innovation of most products and services we use and rely on daily. Calibration improves the certainty of research, development, innovation, and the accurate measurements needed to produce millions of products and services worldwide.

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BCST China's One-Stop Pressure Gauge Calibration Solution

JC702 pressure gauge calibration
  • Pressure Range : (-0.95~16/25)bar,
  • Working media: Air
JC703 pressure gauge calibration
  •  Pressure range:(-0.95~40/60)bar ,
  • Working media: Air
JC705 Pressure Gauge Calibration
  •  Pressure Range: (0~600)bar,(0~700) bar,
  • Working Medium: 25# Transformer oil
JC706 pressure gauge calibration
  • Generated pressure range:(0~1600)bar
  • Working media:25#Transformer oil
JC700 Micro Pressure Gauge Calibration
  • Generated pressure range:(-0.5-0.5)bar
  • Working media: Air
JC319 Semi-automatic Pressure Gauge Calibration
  • Generated pressure range:(-0.5-0.5)bar
  • Working media: Air
JC 108 Digital Pressure Gauge-pressure gauge calibration
  • Range:(-1-0)bar, (0-700)bar,
  • Accuracy:±0.05%F.S,±0.1%F.S,±0.2%F.S,±0.5%F.S
JC 602 high accuracy pressure gauge calibration
  • Range:(-1-0)bar,(0-2500)bar,
  • Accuracy:±0.025%F.S,±0.05%F.S,±0.1%F.S,±0.2%F.S,±0.5%F.S
JC-YBS-DQ-H Handhold Hydraulic Pressure gauge Calibrator
  • Hand made pressure 2.5 kPa to 60MPa
  • Built-in Pump
JC-YBS-DQ-P Pneumatic Pressure Gauge calibrator
  • Hand made pressure -95kPa to 2.5 MPa
  • Built-in Pump

Why select Pressure Gauge Calibration from BCST

BCST is one of China’s leading reliable and stable pressure gauge calibration manufacturers. So if you’re looking for an experienced manufacturer with a solid technical background, a team of expert and budget-friendly products for your next project, BCST is for you.

BCST can support a variety of products to meet your needs. From packing to delivery, you’ll get the most detailed service from BCST. BCST’s technical team will provide professional guidance during its use or installation. With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, RoHS, and CNEX, BCST offers high-quality calibration of pressure gauges at a competitive price.

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