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Full package of Pressure Measurement Solution

BCST is a manufacturer and solution provider for pressure measurement instruments since 1990.  After 30 years of development,  it has grown steadily and is now a group company. We aim to be the best pressure measurement instrument center in Asia.

There is the CNC metal process center in our factory, it can process any part of pressure instruments, from housing to connection.  BCST can offer you a wide range of pressure measurements, including pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, pressure sensor, and pipe fittings, you can find a complete pressure measurement instrument solution in BCST.


Why Cooperate Pressure Measurement with BCST ?

BCST is the only manufacturer in China that can supply a one-step solution for pressure transmitter manufacturing. If you want to assemble and calibrate pressure transmitters in your factory, BCST is your best selection. We can supply you with sensors, housing, calibrator, and any other spare parts you need with sound quality and reasonable price.

The core technology of the pressure sensors has cooperated with a German company, and the whole calibration system is also imported from Germany. The best accuracy for pressure transmitters and sensors is 0.05%. Our pressure transmitter has ATEX, SIL2, CE, IEC approval. Our pressure gauge can be calibrated at 250 Mpa. They are widely applied in high requirement industries, include oil & gas, nuclear, power industries, etc.

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Your  Pressure Measurement Expert from China

BCST has a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team that can provide you with the most professional selection guidance. We can also provide you with professional calibration reports and inspection videos for you to check. We also have a dedicated technical team that can provide professional solutions to any installation problems you may encounter.

BCST has put customized industry experience and solutions into practice. Using our competence in fluid technology and its corresponding service packages, we always provide you with the ideal solution that goes beyond the boundaries of your industry.

Whether it is pressure measurement of steam, gas, water, or other liquids, we understand your challenges and draw on our fundamental know-how and in-depth experience to meet your needs.

For this, we use our experience in measurement, control, and regulation technology and extend it to different applications and industries in pressure measurement and pressure regulation, thus solving similar or identical challenges in the area. In this way, you benefit from the largest pool of experience we have accumulated in many industries and apply it specifically to the challenges you present. This way, we know precisely which of our services and which physical principle to use is the best solution for your application.

Our value-added solutions help you achieve your business goals.

When working with you to develop a solution, we can tailor it precisely to your measuring and regulating pressure problems. We also consult, listen and understand your needs to propose and develop innovative solutions and constructive ideas for pressure measurement and pressure regulation of gases, steam, water, or other liquids for your application. As a solution provider, we build a relationship of mutual trust with you and help you achieve your business goals through value-added solutions.

Through the quality and reliability of our products, we can provide you with high-quality, safe, and flawless solutions for pressure measurement and pressure regulation.

BCST is one of the few companies that can design and produce industrial products for fluid conditioning systems in all critical areas. This enables us to think and act outside the box. Therefore, the products we offer you must be, at the very least, technologically advanced, of outstanding quality, and uniquely reliable.

Working with BCST experts across disciplines can prevent you from losing unnecessary information and save valuable time.

Your customized service is about developing the product individually and its associated production and logistics processes. The mere fact that you do not have to deal with many subordinate suppliers for your project saves you time and significantly reduces interfaces.

No matter what you need about pressure measurement,BCST will provide you best solution. Warmly welcome to send us your inquiry!

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