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Primary flow elements are more precise and can measure a wide range of flows.

  • Simple to use and install.
  • No pressure drops.
  • Cost-effective measurement and energy saving.
  • Can be easily maintained with low operating costs.
  • Simple construction.
  • Accurate differential pressure measurement.
  • Flow measurement accuracy.
  • Without clogging.
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BCST Reliable Primary Flow Elements Supplier

BCST primary flow element inserted into the flowing fluid produces a physical property that can be accurately related to flow. In general, the physical property generated by the main flow element is less expensive to measure than the flow itself. Therefore, the properties of the primary flow element, and the fidelity of the practical installation to the assumptions made during the calibration, are critical factors for the accuracy of the flow measurement.

The most common primary flow element is the orifice plate. Other immediate flow elements include flow nozzle, venturi tubes, low-loss flow tubes, and pitot tubes. Primary flow elements are crucial to obtaining accurate, stable flow measurements. BCST offers a range of primary elements to suit various process conditions. BCST is a globally recognized China-based primary flow elements supplier and manufacturer.

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BCST is a professional manufacturer with 22 years of experience in the production and exporting of primary flow elements. BCST is a registered global brand that specializes in inflow fluid control and measurement solutions. Each primary flow element is tested and collaborated by our automatic production line providing a complete test certificate to ensure the quality of the product.

We provide a one-stop solution to the dimension and control of inflow. BCST has cooperated with transnational brands like Rotork, Siemens, ABB, and China National Petroleum Corporation. Our products are exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

BCST has enough raw materials in stock and professional technical staff that can quickly realize your unique requirements. In addition, BCST has over 20 years of product history and ten years of export experience. BCST gives you the best result for primary flow elements.

Primary flow element-video

Primary Flow Element


BCST is the top primary flow element manufacturing company in china and has 20 years of experience producing primary Flow Elements. The company makes every part of the primary flow element with the help of the latest technology and comprehensive research. The company relies on its resources, so it delivers the best quality primary flow element very Fast; you can get your Primary Flow element in 7 to ten working days. BCST has enough raw material in stock to make high-performing primary Flow Elements for you.

When you think about primary, then many questions can click your mind. Here are the answers to all possible questions that can arise in your mind.


What is the Primary Flow Element?

A Primary Flow Element was issued to measure the differential pressure of the flow. The Primary Flow Element creates deferential pressure in the fluid. And it establishes exact, stable, and efficient measurements in fluids like liquids, steam, and gases.

The Primary Flow Element is advice you can use in flowing liquid that makes a physical property related to the stream. I.e., the orifice plate makes a pressure drop that is a feature of the square volume rate of liquid flow through the orifice.

So, a Primary Flow Element makes a series of vibrations of pressure. The physical composition that Primary Flow elements create is more favourable for measuring the flow itself.

The composition of the primary flow element and devotion to its installation and supposition, made in affiliation, are crucial features of liquid or gas flow measurement inaccuracy.

Primary Flow Element


What are the different types of Primary Flow Elements?

There are many different types of primary flow elements. Let’s check all these forms in detail:

  • Orifice plates Conditioning orifice plates
  • Averaging Pitot plates
  • Venture tube
  • Flow nozzles.
  • Annubar primary flow element
  • Target flow sensor primary flow element


Orifice plates primary flow element:

Orifice primary flow element is a cost-effective primary element with sensors. So the concept is straightforward. It would help to place the restriction in a pipe and then measure the resulting pressure low(ΔP) in that restriction to conclude the flow rate in the primary flow element. It is a natural flow element used to measure the flow rate of gas, liquid, and steam with the help of differential pressure measurement rules. It is primarily used in larger applications as it is famous because of its long-lasting ability and economical price.

This primary flow element is composed of an orifice plate, a fundamental part of this particular instrument. When this plate is kept in line, this activity creates differential pressure in the orifice’ primary flow element. This pressure drop is straight and directly proportional to the liquid or gas flow rate.

An orifice meter is a channel and imitation to create a pressure drop. Orifice primary Flow Element can be used as flow restriction. If you want to use this kind of primary flow element or any other instrument like this, you must calibrate these devices impartially. It would be best to pass a known volume from the meter and note down the readings. Because of this, you can give a standard to measure other quantities.


Orifice plates primary flow element


Conditioning Orifice plate primary flow element:

This kind of primary flow element has a multi-hole plate. It has the behavior of a flow conditioner, allows flow measurement, and balances the flow. Hence it needs reduced upriver and downriver linear lengths compared to other orifice plates. Therefore, you can say that you can use this kind of primary flow element for flow-related issues.

A Conditioning orifice plate is used to measure flow in the pipe. This kind of primary flow element is working on Bernoulli streamline equations.


Conditioning Orifice plate primary flow element

 Averaging Pitot tube primary flow Element:

The name of this instrument refers to Henri pitot, who used a bent glass tube to measure velocities. He completed this activity in arriver in France in 1700spitot line is a particular device to calculate rates and has no moving parts. It is a widespread type of primary flow element. On the other hand, averaging pitot tube was made with the help of many sensors and ports to tackle the problems related to correctly noticing and siting the simple pitot tube primary flow element.

The primary flow Elements other than the orifice plate exist as an alternative to the orifice plate. The pitot tube has pressure sensors as the fluid stops in front of the forward-facing line. And the negative thing about the APT classic single tube assembly primary flow Element is its sensitivity to the fluid velocity at only one point inside the pipe. So you can see more use of ATP primary flow Element in industry, which is averaging pitot tube primary flow Element which contains many holes which are sensing velocity at many points on the width of flow.

Venturi tube primary flow Element:

A venture tube is a kind of primary flow Element that contains a throat that has a smaller diameter than the pipeline in which it is installed. The imitation diameter in the venturi tube primary flow element must not be more minor than then0.224D and not more than 0.742D, and D represents the diameter of the pipe.

When the venturi primary flow element works, fluid flows in it. Then the pressure in the throat area is low than in the upriver area. It is because of kinetic energy, an increase in velocity,1/2mv₂, and the reduction in flow energy (Ef=p.v)

The flow is proportional to the pressure difference, P1—p2. K depends on pipeline and throat diameter and density coefficient. It would be best to always use Venturi flow primary flow element for turbulent flow. For a wide variety of instruments, its accuracy is about 0.5%, which is ideal for Air conditioners or air furnaces. And slurries.


Venturi tube primary flow Element

Flow nozzle primary flow element:

Another primary flow element is the flow nozzle; it is a variation of the venturi theme. It is designed to be clamped in the middle of the faces of two pipe flanges in style similar to the orifice plate. Here the goal which you should achieve is simplified installation. An orifice plate style while will improve the performance of flow nozzle primary flow element over orifice plate primary flow element.

Two more variations on the venturi theme are v-cone and segmental wedge primary flow elements. Mainly there are two types of flow nozzles and ISA flow nozzles. This natural flow element consists of the inlet, which got the shape of a quarter circle and round passage.

Differential pressure and measurement tapes are ordinarily present on one pipe diameter upriver and one-half diameter downriver from the inner faces of the nozzle.

Set diameter and deferential pressure can measure a flow rate of 65%, which is more than the orifice plate’s primary flow Element.

Usually, this primary flow element gets material like stainless steel or chrome-moly steel.

Commercially, these primary flow Elements are made in different styles like flange type, ring type, weld-in type, and throat type. You cannot use nozzles with vicious fluids because available Reynolds data is under 6000. Flow Nozzles’ primary flow Elements contain high discharge coefficients, mainly 0.99 or greater, including beta ratios of 0.2 to 0.8.

Annubar primary Flow Element:

Annubar’s primary flow element is an averaging pitot tube centralized with high and low pressure sensing ports in a single probation assembly.

At first glimpse, it will seem like a single, square-shaped tube fitted inside the pipe is a tube with dual ports, with holes on both upriver and downriver edges. One section of the annular primary flow element tube shows porting. Two chambers are made to bring upriver and downriver pressures out of the pipe to different pressure sensing instruments.

Target Flow Sensor primary flow element:

The target flow sensor’s primary flow element is less sophisticated. It contains a “paddle” kept in the flow stream. Inside the primary flow element, you can sense the force exerted on the paddle by the fluid movement with the help of a specialized transmitter mechanism that gives an output proportional to the square of fluid velocity, like an orifice plate.

V Cone Flow sensors:

When you use this, it is another kind of primary flow element, and then there is no need to narrow the tube’s diameter for fluid acceleration. Fluid will flow. You can notice a cone-shaped obstruction kept in the middle of the line. This kind of primary flow element will reduce the most efficient area because this cone is present there, and it will cause acceleration with the help of restriction.

What is meter runs, and why is it used with primary flow Element?

Meter runs are devices you can use to ensure high accuracy when you want to do flow measurements of gases, liquids, and steam. The primary flow element contains this assembly which incorporates the upriver and downriver pipes. And this assembly’s name is meter run. I help the primary flow element to work perfectly. According to its model, its standard width is <1½ʺ.and the average pressure rating is 300 …2,500. You can install a pressure transmitter directly onto the meter run.

What is the difference between standard and conditioning orifice plates’ primary flow element?




Conditional orifice plates


Standard orifice plates



Orifice hole

It has four holes on the plate with equal spaces It has one hole in the center.


Beta ratio The beta ratio can be 0.4 or 0.65 for every pipe size. These plates have two standard hole sizes, One for high flow rate and the other for low flow rate. These standard hole sizes are fixed, and you cannot change them with the pipe schedule.


Standard orifice plates have the size beta ratios from 0.1 to 0.75(beta ratio=d/D), where d is the hole size and D is the internal diameter size of the pipe.


Requirements of pipe It requires two diameters of linear pipe upriver and two diameters downriver It requires a straight pipe to ensure an accurate flow measurement.


Thickness of plate Conditioning Orifice plates are thicker than standard orifice plates reducing plate deflection under high flow pressure, and as a result, it ensures accuracy in flow measurement There are standard specified thickness values.




It has comparable accuracy with standard orifice plates


It contains standard accuracy



What is the average Pitot tube Primary Flow Element?

This kind of Primary Flow Element has multi ports and is a self-averaging flowmeter. This type of

Primary Flow Element on which you can rely for accuracy in your industry’s pipeline flow.

APT Primary Flow Element is a flow element that can measure gas. Liquid vapours inside the pipelines, and you can do so by following the principle of measurement of differential pressure. Flow elements work with the help of sensors that sense the impact pressure and reference pressure.

These sensors are installed on multiple ports and are adhered to two averaging plenums. And when you see the difference in the result, it is because of the difference in the pressure signal. You can see sensors on the ports on the upper and lower sides of the primary flow element. The distance between the two ports is proportional to the diameter of the pipe.

Apt Primary flow element is relatively easy to install and inexpensive as well. Its small size and minimum welding work will keep its installation pocket friendly and affordable. The primary flow element slightly restricts the flow and minimizes pressure drop. And then you get energy and save your cost, as it has some positive effects on your operating cost.

average Pitot tube Primary Flow Element

Features of ATP Primary Flow Element:

Let’s look at some unique features of the Primary Flow Element.

This kind of primary flow Element has a very different and extraordinary shape. Because of this, the high-class feature enables a high flow rate, and then it downs the two averaging for better accuracy, which is computable for liquid, gas, and steam measurement.

To check the measurement of ATP primary flow Element, you must know its repeatability IS ± 0.1 %.

This primary flow element has very upriver and downriver linear pipe lengths.

And it contains long-lasting flawless accuracy.

When you move fluid on the sensor, you will be able to produce PH. Then the velocity will create pressure. And the sensors that are part of your Primary Flow Element can sense the impact pressure profile. The Primary Flow Element will maintain the velocity pressure in a high-pressure level chamber. It means that the system will not be dependent on the magnitude of flow.

How does averaging pitot tube Primary Flow Element work?

Average Pitot tube Primary Flow Element contains the following components:

The first one is the impact tube.

  • Inner averaging tube.
  • Chamber with low pressure.
  • It has a component named head.

The impact tube, Primary Flow Element, the outer one, has many pressure sensing holes fronting upriver and are adjusted in equal annular points according to log-linear distribution in the Primary Flow Element. The pressure which Primary Flow Element has developed a hole on upriver position is averaged inside the outer impact tube, and then it is averaged inside the averaging box.

You can represent this pressure at the head as DP output and as a high-pressure component. And on the downriver side of the outer impact tube of the Primary Flow Element has low-pressure features, which you can get from a single sensor hole in the downriver area.

Typical flow coefficient which is you can get because of diamond shape, because of which it is reliable Primary Flow Element for measuring flow. The diamond shape makes a separation point of fluid from the sensors in the Primary Flow Element.

These fixed separation points make changes in reference pressure, and as a result, it can cause a loss of accuracy in the measurement of flow. You can notice through the experimental station that you can get improved performance and rangeability compared to DP devices because of the diamond design.

Make a comparison of APT Primary Flow Element and Orifice Primary Flow Element.

Any shift inflow coefficient(K) will decrease accuracy. A 10% shift in the K factor gives a 0% error in flow reading. The orifice’s Primary Flow Element accuracy is long-term, but dirt, wear, wrapping, and grease can affect them.

APT Primary Flow Element VS orifice Primary Flow Element installation costs on 8 inches pipe of 203 mm. APT primary flow element needs only four linear inches of 101mm of welding, and on the other hand, an orifice Primary Flow Element plate that is fixed in the same pipe needs 50 linear inches or 1270 mm of welding. APT flow element will decrease the need for welding.

How can you install the APT Primary Flow Element?

Suppose you want to install a piping system for ±3% accuracy, depending on the piping configuration in front of the elbow. The upriver straight–run needs(L1) and downstream diameter(L2) are in for of pipe inside diameter(D). let’s check the requirements for successful installation of the Primary Flow Element.

The elbow must contain a short radius, and you should weld it on flanged instead of threaded.

You should maintain Linear lengths on the upriver and downriver side of the Pitot tube Primary Flow Element.

You should mount the APT two pipes in diameters from the middle of the upriver pipe and in-plane beside the elbow. You can mount it inside radius and outs, but you should prefer the outside radius to allow the velocity vectors to be a support point.

Who is the manufacturer of primary flow elements?

When you think about top producers of primary flow elements, you will know that two countries are on top for the production of Primary Flow Elements. The name of these countries is India and China. And in China, BCST is the leading industry for manufacturing high-performance Primary Flow elements. BCST has been a top country manufacturing Primary Flow Element for over 20 years.

The company also exports high-quality Primary Flow Element to more than 100 countries globally. Primary Flow Element is a particular instrument of the company that advises you to use in flowing liquid that makes a physical property related to the stream. I.e., the orifice plate makes a pressure drop that is a feature of the square volume rate of liquid flow through the orifice. The primary Flow Element is used to measure gas-liquid and steam flow rates. So you can get high-quality Primary Flow elements from BCST.

What are the benefits and advantages of Primary Flow Element?

When you use Primary Flow Elements in your industry, you can get many advantages and benefits because of the use of this device. Some of the benefits of Primary Flow Elements are here:

  • You can use Primary Flow Elements for flow measurement of liquids, gases, and steam.
  • You can get an accurate and errorless measurement of differential pressure.
  • You can get exact flow measurement precision by making use of Primary Flow Elements
  • Primary Flow Elements are clog-free.
  • Primary Flow Elements contain repeatability.
  • Primary Flow Elements have low operating costs.
  • Primary Flow Elements have simplicity.

Final words:

The Primary Flow Element is advice you can use in flowing liquid that makes a physical property related to the stream. A Primary Flow Element makes a series of vibrations of pressure. The material composition that Primary Flow elements create is more favourable for measuring the flow itself. A Primary Flow Element was issued to measure the differential pressure of the flow. The Primary Flow Element generates deferential pressure in the fluid. It establishes exact, stable, and efficient measurements in fluids like liquids, steam, and gases.

In China, BCST is the leading industry now for manufacturing high-performance Primary Flow elements. BCST has been a top country manufacturing Primary Flow Element for over 20 years. The company is also exporting high-quality Primary Flow Element to more than 100 countries BCST is also offering high-quality Primary Flow Element.

If you need a reliable Primary Flow Element, you can contact our teammates to get the best quality Primary Flow Element details. We always supply the best quality products to our clients. And we are always there to assist you.

Order now the high-quality Primary Flow Element from our official website. Our customer care agents are also available on WhatsApp and skype, and they are also receiving your orders. Purchase your Primary Flow Element from BCST and deliver it to your doorstep in 7-10 working days. BCST is equipped with the facility of fastest delivery.

You can rely on BCST for the best quality products. We promise to provide the best quality products every time.







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