Balance PTFE Level Transmitter JCBU

Balance PTFE level transmitter is used for strong corrosive, food, drinking water industry.

Balance PTFE Level Transmitter JCBU

JCBUS Balance type level transmitter, its sensitive part is installed under relay box, its submersible part is balance hood. The two parts are connected by air tube (pressure transmitting), the pressure of liquid column is transmitted by air to sensitive part indirectly from air tube, which can avoid direct contact of sensitive part and measured medium. It can not only apply for the ordinary water measurement, but also the special medium like high temperature, high viscosity and high corrosion.  It is widely used in areas like chemical engineering, metallurgy, power station, water conservancy, city water supply and industrial waste water etc.




Main Technical Parameter

1. Range: 0-1~30m
2. Measurement medium: All kinds of water, heavy light oil, crude oil, corrosive liquid with acidity or alkalinity.
3. Accuracy: 0.25%FS, (normally )
4. Output: 4-20 mA DC
5. Temperature:  working temperature:0-60°C, medium temperature :0-400°C
6. Power supply: 24 VDC
7. Dust and humidity proof: all days
8. Explosion proof Degree: EXia II CT 5
9. Indication gauge: 100% pointer one or LCD display(declared when ordered)

Work Principle

When putting the balance hood to the certain position in the liquid, the pressure of sensor through the air tube is P=9.807pH, in which P means intensity of pressure of the sensor, unit is Kpa; P means liquid level density, unit is g/cm3; H means liquid level height to be measured, unit is m; Po means intensity of pressure on the liquid surface, unit is kPa. If the back cavity of sensor and the liquid level upper part are connected through, then Po is 0. Hence, H approximately equals to 0.102P/p. The pressure signal measured by transmitter is transferred to electric signal that is direct ratio with liquid level height.
Note: The vessel containing measured liquid has to be open to atmosphere, namely open type. Otherwise,  the measurement result will be useless.

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