JC-YBS-DQ Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator

JC-YBS-DQ Pressure Calibrator is a kind of calibration instrument with a built-in pressure source.

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JC-YBS-DQ  Handhold type pressure calibrator is a kind of calibration instrument with a pressure source. It has the function of pressure calibration, current calibration, and DC 24V power output. It is mainly used in calibrating pressure transmitters (differential pressure ), general (digital) pressure gauges, and other pressure instruments.


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● Exclusive metal housing, which is stable and shock-resistant

● Hand made pressure 0 to60 MPa

● Spare pars of pressure source are designed; clearly, it has good airtight and reaches IP54.

● Positive displacement micro-pressure regulator, which is easy to realize calibration the pressure

● Pressure /vacuum switch option, which is easy to switch over

● Backlight function, and continue work without enough light

● Pressure, current /pressure measurement, DC24V loop power supply, and field inspection are all in one.

Technical Parameter

Application Condition

Power supply: external: AC220V,50Hz               Pressure interface :

Built-in:6 V Lithium-ion battery            External interface: M20*1.5

Temperature :(20±20)°C (If over this range,              Built-in interface: M10*1.0 insertion spout

the accuracy Will be affected )                                     It can be customized.

Humidity:(0 to 80)%RH

Environment: without dust, noncorrosive

Measurement range, Resolution, Accuracy

Item Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
Pressure ±4kPa ,±10kPa,±25Kpa ,±60Kpa ,±100kPa ,-100to 250kPa ,0-600kPa ,0-1.0Mpa ,0-1.6Mpa ,0-2MPa Min 1 Pa 0.05% F.S ,0.1% F.S
Current 0-22mA 1 µA 0.02%F.S
Voltage 0-10V 1mV 0.02%F.S


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What products will use a pressure calibrator to calibrate?


Pressure calibrators mainly use for these pressure instrument calibration

  1. Pressure gauges are the analog kind of instruments that helps in measuring the pressure of the fluid power system. During the inspection of pressure existing in the system, you can avoid downtime due to the spikes in the pressure. In an analog pressure gauge, the pressure displays on the dial. It is also valuable for industrial applications.Anti-shock Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
  2. Pressure transmitter:  is also named a pressure transducer. It is a kind of sensor whose making is by pressure-sensitive surface area made up of steel, stainless, or any other material depending on the composition of the analyte. At the back of these surfaces, electrical components can convert the applying force into the electrical signal through the pressure sensor.Low-cost-pressure-transmitter-pressure calibrator
  3. Differential pressure transmitter: is equipment that observes the difference in pressure existing between the ports and production of an output signal through the reference of the calibrated pressure range. The making of industrial differential pressure transmitters is by two housings. An element for sensing the pressure is housed at the bottom and the electronics at the top half. The markings of these ports are “High” and “low”. The differential pressure transmitter helps in measuring high accuracy. That is why it is helpful in many industries.differential-pressure-transmitter-pressure calibrator


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