JC1004 Multivariable Differential Sensor

JC1004 Multivariable Differential Sensor is a kind of digital output sensor for differential and static pressure, it is a core components for Differential pressure, static pressure, flow transmitter core components.

JC1004  Multivariable Differential Sensor 

JC1004  Multivariable Differential Sensor  is a kind of digital output sensor for differential & static pressure , it is a core components  for  Differential pressure , static pressure , flow transmitter core components  .

Technical Advantage

The high stability silicon sensor , the highest accuracy is 0.05%

Excellent performance for the overload protection

Highest pressure up to 40Mpa

Temperature compensation:-25 to 65 °C

The static error < 0.1% /10MPA

Stainless steel 316LSS and silicone oil filling welded seal structure


Differential pressure , static pressure , flow transmitter core components

Technical Parameter

Parameter Min Type Max Unit
Ambient Temperature Limits -40 +85 °C
Process Temperature Limits -50 +125 °C
Supply Voltage +2.7 to +5.5 V
Output Voltage 0- 5
Temperature coefficient of  offset <± 0.1% %K
Temperature coefficient of span <± 0.1% %F.S/K
Temperature hysteresis <0.05 ±%F.K
Pressure hysteresis <0.03 ±%F.K
Long term stability <0.1 ±%F.K/year
Linearity error -0.1 <0.05 0.1 ±%F.K
Static Pressure Effects A/B Span <0.3 ±%F.K /10MPA
Others <0.1
Isolating diaphragm 316L stainless steel /hastelloy C /Gold plated on 316L/EFP plated on 316L/Tantalum
Housing connector M56*1.5
Span 1kpa 6kpa 40kpa 250kpa 3Mpa
Working pressure 0.2mpa/7 mpa 16mpa/25mpa/40mpa

Model Selection for JC1004  Multivariable Differential Sensor 

JC1004  Digital Differential Pressure Sensor
A 0-100Pa to 1 kPa (0-10 to 100mmH20 /(0-1 to m bar)
B 0-200Pa to 6kPa(0-20 to 6000mmH20)/(0-2 to mbar)
C 0-400Pa to 40kPa(0-40to 4000mmH20)/(0-4 to 400mbar)
D 0-2.5kPa to 250 kPa(0 -0.25 to 25mH20)/(0-25 to 2500mbar)
F 0-20kpa to 3MPa(0-3 to 300mH20)/(0-0.3 to 30bar )
Housing Connector
0 None
1 M56*1.5
2 M45*1.5
3 Others
Working Pressure
0 0.2Mpa (apply only to the range A )
7 7 Mpa (apply only to the range A )
1 16Mpa
2 25MPa
3 40MPA
S 316L stainless steel
H Hastelly C
G Gold plated on 316L
F EFP plated on 316L
T Tantalum

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