JC601 Digital Pressure Gauge

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JC601 Digital Pressure Gauge is a high accuracy standard digital pressure gauge for pressure measurement calibration.

JC601 Digital Pressure Gauge

JC601 Digital Pressure Gauge adopts micropower components and unique software processing technology. Adopting Li-battery power, it could work 24 hours continuously for at least one year. With a 5-digit large crystal screen, the data could be shown more clearly.

Working Principle
JC601 working principle digial pressure gauge
Apply pressure to the pressure transducer, it outputs an electrical signal. First, the corresponding electrical signal will be amplified. and then it will be converted to digital data by an A/D converter. Then the microprocessor sequentially collects data to modify and correct, the final result will be displayed on the LCD Display.

●Low Power Consumption: 1pc disposable 3.6Vdc lithium battery

●5-digit large LCD with backlight function

●9 Pressure Units selectable

●Zero point, full scale calibration function

●Adopting the special software treatment technology, it is unnecessary to preheat

●RS232 Communication Port can communicate with PC

●Temperature compensating    ●Overload alarm function

●% indication with bar graph scale for visual reference

●Stainless steel bottom connection for robustness

●Equipped with rugged aluminum alloy cover

Model:JC601 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator

Accuracy : ±0.025% F.S, ±0.05% F.S

Electric signal

Current measurement:(0-25)mA

Accuracy:±(0.02%RD+ 0.005%F.S)

Voltage measurement:(0-25)V

Accuracy:±(0.02%RD+ 0.005%F.S)

DC output:DC24V(≤30mA)


 Gauge types

Gauge pressure / Compound pressure / Absolute pressure /Differential pressure

Work medium :Oil, water&noncorrosive gases

Over pressure alarm :120%Full Scale


Description:6 digits big LCD

with blacklight

Display rate:Less than 0.025%

of full scale is 150ms,more than 0.025% of full scale is 1s

Numeral display height:16.5mm /(0.65″)

Pressure :unit psi,bar, mbar,kgf/cm2,Pa,kPa, MPa,mmH2O,mmHg



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