JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter

JC806 radar lever meter is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of these things’ level such as liquid, slurry and gunk.

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JC806 radar lever meter is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of these things’ level such as liquid, slurry and gunk, and also is used in the places where temperature and pressure have big change, inert gases and volatilization exist.

JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter 

JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter are a kind of measuring instrument based on the time travel , radar wave are travelling as light speed , the travel time can be transformed into level signal by the electronic parts . The detector can send the HF pulse and spread along cable , when the pulse meet the level surface , it will be reflected and received by the receptor inside the instruments , then the receptor will transform the distance signal into level signal.


The reflected impulse signal is transmitted along the proble to the circuit of the gauge . The microwave processor processes this signal , and recognizes the wave echo of the microwave impulse from the material surface . The correct wave echo signal is recognized by the intelligent softwave , the distance from the material surface D is proportional to the flying time of the impulse T:


C is the velocity of light .

As the distance of the empty tank E is known , so



By inputting empty tank height E(zero point) ,full tank height F(full measuring range) and some application parameter are set . With the application parameters , the transmitter will automatically adapt itself to the measuring enviroment, corresponding 4-20mA output .



Technical Parameter for JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter  


Measuring range


H—-Measuring range

L—-Empty height  B—-Blind area at the top

E—-the minimum distance from the probe to the tank wall

The blind area at top is the minimum distance from the highest position of the material level to the measuring reference point(the thread of the flange).

The blind area at bottom is the distance around the bottom of the probe which cannot be measured exactly.

The effective distance is the distance from the top blind area andbottom blind area.

Caution: Transmitter can supply reliable level measurement only when the level is among the top

blind area and bottom blind area.



Model Selection for JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter

Explosion Proof Approval
P Standard (without approval
I Intrinsically safe (Exia IICT6)
C Intrinsically safe (EXia IICT 6)
G Intrinsically safe+flameproof Approval (Exd ia II CT 6)
Shape of Antenna /Material /Process temperature
B Horn 48mm stainless steel 316L
C Horn 78mm /stainless steel 316LSS
H Horn 98mm/Stainless steel 316LSS
I Horn 98mm(lengthen) 316LSS
J Horn 123mm/Stainless steel 316LSS
K Horn 98mm/PP/PTFE shield
L Horn 98mm(lengthen)/PP/PTFE shield
M Horn 98mm/stainless steel 316L/PTFE shield
N Horn 98mm(lengthen) /stainless steel 316L/PTFE shield
P Horn 123mm/stainless steel 316L/PTFE shield
X Special Design
Process Connection /Material
GP (H) thread (F) Thread  G11/2A  stainless steel
GA(H)thread (H)Thread 11/2NPT  stainless steel
GB(G)thread (G) Thread G11/2A /PP
GC(J)thread G11/2A/Stainless steel 316L/temperature (-60 to 250 °C)
GD(K) thread G11/2A/Stainless steel 316L/temperature (-60 to 400 °C),pressure 40Mpa
GE(I) thread G11/2A /stainless steel 316L(huff)
GX Special Design
Flange /Material
FX Special design
Seal /Process temperature
2 Viton(-60 to 150) °C
3 Kalrez(-60 to 250 )°C
4 Graphite (-60 to 400 )°C
B (4-20)mA/Hart 2 wire
C (4-20)mA(22.8-26.4)V DC /Hart 2 wire/4 wire
D (198-242) VAC/Hart 4 wire
Housing /Protection
A Aluminium/IP67
B Plastic/IP66
D Aluminium (2 chamber)/IP67
G Stainless steel 316L/IP 67
Cable Entry
M M20*1.5
N 1/2”NPT
Display /Programming
A Yes

How to order for JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter 

1. Medium 

2. Range 

3. Process connection 

4. Working pressure 

5. Working temperature 

6. Other requirement 

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