JC808 Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter

JC808 Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter is for strong dew, dust, crystal, its range can reach 70 M.

JC808  Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter

JC808  Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter  is for strong dew , dust , crystal ,its range can reach 70 M  .  There is a certain existing beam angle while the antenna

transmitting microwave pulse . There should beno barries between the lower edge of antenna and surface of measured medium . Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid facilites inside vessels , such asladders , limit switches , heating spirals , struts and etc , during the mounting process .


Technial Parameter for JC808  Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter 

 Frequency of operation  26GHz
 Measurement range  0…10 m
 Repeatability ±3mm
 Resolution ratio  1mm
 Sampling echo sampling 55 /s
 Response speed >0.2s(according to the specific condition)


Current signa  4…20mA


 Precision <0.1%
Antenna material Antenna material
Communication interface     HART
Process connection  G1-1/2  316L  PTFE
Enviroment Condition -40℃…+80℃
Anti-explosion authentication   ExiaII C T6
Protection  IP68

Technical Parameter for JC808  Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter

Explosion Proof Approval
P Standard (without approval
I Intrinsically safe (Exia IICT6)
C Intrinsically safe (EXia IICT 6)
G Intrinsically safe+flameproof Approval (Exd ia II CT 6)
Shape of Antenna /Material /Process temperature
B Horn 48mm stainless steel 316L
C Horn 78mm /stainless steel 316LSS
H Horn 98mm/Stainless steel 316LSS
I Horn 98mm(lengthen) 316LSS
J Horn 123mm/Stainless steel 316LSS
K Horn 98mm/PP/PTFE shield
L Horn 98mm(lengthen)/PP/PTFE shield
M Horn 98mm/stainless steel 316L/PTFE shield
N Horn 98mm(lengthen) /stainless steel 316L/PTFE shield
P Horn 123mm/stainless steel 316L/PTFE shield
X Special Design
Process Connection /Material
GP (H) thread (F) Thread  G11/2A  stainless steel
GA(H)thread (H)Thread 11/2NPT  stainless steel
GB(G)thread (G) Thread G11/2A /PP
GC(J)thread G11/2A/Stainless steel 316L/temperature (-60 to 250 °C)
GD(K) thread G11/2A/Stainless steel 316L/temperature (-60 to 400 °C),pressure 40Mpa
GE(I) thread G11/2A /stainless steel 316L(huff)
GX Special Design
Flange /Material
FX Special design
Seal /Process temperature
2 Viton(-60 to 150) °C
3 Kalrez(-60 to 250 )°C
4 Graphite (-60 to 400 )°C
B (4-20)mA/Hart 2 wire
C (4-20)mA(22.8-26.4)V DC /Hart 2 wire/4 wire
D (198-242) VAC/Hart 4 wire
Housing /Protection
A Aluminium/IP67
B Plastic/IP66
D Aluminium (2 chamber)/IP67
G Stainless steel 316L/IP 67
Cable Entry
M M20*1.5
N 1/2”NPT
Display /Programming
A Yes

How to order for JC808 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter 

1. Medium 

2. Range 

3. Working temperature 

4. Working pressure 

5. Process connection 

6. Other requirement  

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